Mike’s Mix: A family business offering simple and clean proteins, recovery & sport drinks and other smoothie and baking additions.

Tapioca Maltodextrin
Make your own gels, sports, recovery, energy and pre-workout drinks with our pure Tapioca Maltodextrin. It is a pure, concentrated and easily digestible source of complex carbohydrate that is a perfect source of energy in sports drinks and post-workout shakes.
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Why Use A Recovery Drink
Why do you need a recovery drink? At Mike’s Mix, we believe that a quality post-workout meal is both the easiest and most important consideration in sports nutrition. Watch this three minute video to find out.
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Sugar In A Recovery Drink
There is a time and place for everything and the one exception to avoiding sugars in your diet is immediately after your workout when they become essential for recovery. The composition of Mike’s Mix is designed in accordance with scientific research and will not be compromised to sell more products.
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Internet Customer Service: An Oxymoron?
It’s difficult to describe a commitment to customer service in just a couple of sentences. Additionally, many of us have become desensitized to clichés, such as commitment, dedication and money back guarantee that companies frequently use to describe their serviceread more

Low Calorie Diets Don’t Work
Most attempts to shed unwanted pounds with commercial diets are unsuccessful for long-term weight loss. Even worse, these diets often leave people unhealthier and fatter than before the diet.
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Is Chocolate Milk A Good Recovery Drink?
Chocolate Milk has recently been publicized as a good recovery drink, with quality protein and an optimal balance of carbohydrate. How does Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink compare?
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Whey Protein Concentrate versus Isolate
What are the differences between whey protein concentrate and isolate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each and which do we use in our recovery drinks?
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Nutrition And Exercise Induced Muscle Soreness
A scientific look at nutritional strategies and aids used to prevent muscle soreness from Exercise (DOMS) including hydration, protein consumption, vitamins and minerals and fatty acids.
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