A Walk Through the Woods of Southern Wisconsin

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Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.

-Henry David Thoreau

Zane and I crossing a muddy stream shortly after dawn.

Zane and I crossing a muddy stream shortly after dawn.

Running Mike’s Mix is more than enough to keep myself busy. However, I’ve learned the importance of not becoming complacent with a single endeavor to avoid staleness. With Mike’s Mix, much of my day is spent mixing product and responding to emails. Therefore, I find it necessary to engage in activities where I am committed to stepping away from the daily grind in order to remain content and balanced. For the last two summers I have taken a part-time job with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a field ornithologist (birds). This position has provided an opportunity to dedicate many enjoyable hours to outdoor observation and venture deep into southern Wisconsin’s most remote forests. This year I have been spending a morning each week in the field; swatting mosquitoes, pulling off ticks, finding colorful warblers and enjoying early mornings submersed in wilderness. I rarely bring my camera into the woods but my cell phone has proven its ability to produce some wonderful pictures. So, for all of you stuck behind a desk wishing you were outside, these pictures are for you. Enjoy!

Hepatica an earlier spring flower contrasts sharply against a brown leaf-littered forest floor.

Yellow Lady's Slipper, a beautiful and rare treat.

View of the Wisconsin River at Ferry Bluff (Sauk County, WI). A mile down-river from my house.

Wild Geranium and Wild Blue Phlox.

Sulphur Shelf or Chicken of the Woods. It's edible.

Blue Flag a wild Iris.

A Sand Prairie at Dawn.

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