Adding Protein to your Post-Workout Recovery Drink

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Want more Protein after your workout?

Mike’s Mix’s recovery drinks provide 12 grams of protein per two scoop serving and the ratio of carbohydrate to protein is 4:1.  Research has demonstrated that this ratio increases the rate of glycogen formation compared to carbohydrate alone, but as to date, there have been no studies comparing greater or lesser ratios.  Although the protein already in our recovery drinks is sufficient for muscle repair and growth, athletes favoring a high protein diet may wish to increase this amount. Increasing total daily protein bolsters the potential for strength gains and muscle hypertrophy from resistance training. (1)

Both protein and carbohydrate are necessary for optimal recovery.

Even though adding protein will change the 4:1 macronutrient ratio, it will most likely not reduce the effectiveness of Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink.  Additionally, those athletes whose main goal is promoting muscle synthesis may experience added benefit with a higher protein ratio. (2)

However, it should be noted that even if increased muscle mass is your only goal, carbohydrates cause a favorable insulin response, promoting muscle growth, and protein alone is a poor post-workout meal. Protein provides the building blocks for muscle growth but carbohydrate promotes protein synthesis. (3)

Mike's Mix Protein-6 lbs

Mike’s Mix Protein-6 lbs

Add Mike’s Mix All-Natural Unflavored Whey Protein to any of our recovery drinks to increase your daily protein. Although the protein is unflavored it adds a pleasant creaminess to any of our recovery drinks. I think the addition tastes best with our chocolate flavors. Here are some suggestions for adding protein and the resulting ratios.

2:1 ratio

Add ½ a scoop of Mike’s Mix protein to 2 scoops of our recovery drinks to achieve a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio (50 grams of carbohydrate, 24 grams of protein).  This ratio would be most beneficial for the athlete whose main goal is increasing strength, muscle mass and are engaged in high-intensity workouts.

1:1 ratio

Add 1 scoop of Mike’s Mix protein to 1 scoop of our recovery drinks to achieve a 1:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio (25 grams of carbohydrate, 29 grams of protein). This ratio is suggested for athletes whose main goal is maximizing muscle mass, limiting body fat and are engaged in body-building type workouts.

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