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  1. Mark Robinson

    Hey Mike, I’ve been reading your posts and I’m honestly angry with myself. I recently went into a GNC store and purchased a few substances in order to make my own blend of recovery drink that I had read about on another web page. Turns out all of this stuff together rang up to be over 100 dollars…Now, excuse my french, but to me that’s complete bullshit. I came across your site in an attempt to find something that wouldn’t burn a hole right thru my wallet. I guess I only have one question before I make my purchase on your 8lb tub of chocolate mix (which sounds fire from all the rave reviews on amazon): Other than the cocoa powder that has been added to your special blend, what ingredients are you actually using to create the mix? I bought creatine, whey protein, dextrose, and Lglutamine when I went to GNC. Now, I’m no expert in the field of fitness and exercise recovery but I am studying to be a physical therapist at KU and have recently become inclined to be more physically active and have started the P90X program (5 weeks in and feeling great, even with the supplements that I purchased at GNC). I think I can speak for every human on the planet that when you push your body with effective workouts and eat healthy, it is utterly fulfilling with the results that you WILL get. I feel amazing but still feel the urge to keep pushing myself harder. Will your product perform just as well or better than what I previously have purchased? I’m running low on supply and would like to spend 1/2 as much on a recovery drink with your drink mix.

    • Mike

      Hello Mark,

      Thanks for your interest in Mike’s Mix. Don’t be angry with yourself, I think it is a mark of passage that we all waste money at GNC sometime in our lives. I think you showed great initiative in formulating your own recovery drink. I did the same thing several years ago and that was the inception of Mike’s Mix. I constantly pour over the research on sports nutrition and honestly believe that the base of Mike’s Mix is the most effective product on the market. There are a couple of things you could add to your recovery nutrition for specific goals that I will touch on later. I think you were pretty close to the mark on your formula with only a couple of minor differences compared to the Mike’s Mix formula. The Mike’s Mix carbohydrate source uses maltodextrin and dextrose. There might be a slight edge (increase in insulin response) to use both glucose and a glucose polymer for your predominate carbohydrate. You should include a small amount of fructose. A little known fact is that fructose preferentially restores liver glycogen which becomes increasingly important with increasing exercise intensity. I have not seen any evidence to recommend using additional glutamine in a recovery formula when sufficient whey protein is available. Whey protein consists of a large percentage of glutamine which is readily available after ingestion and may actually be absorbed more quickly than the isolated amino acid. The cost of isolated glutamine is substantial and you may want to consider the benefit cost ratio of including this amino acid in your formula.

      Creatine. If you are trying to put on muscle and increase strength then creatine may be a worthy addition to your post-workout nutrition. Mike’s Mix does not contain creatine because it is not necessary, nor even appropriate for every athlete. I wrote a post on creatine that you might find interesting:

      Salt and anti-oxidants. If you are an ultra-endurance athlete (routinely have workouts of 2 hours or more) you may want to include sodium and chloride and the anti-oxidants vitamin c and e to your post-workout nutrition.

      I hope this answered your question. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

      Take Care,



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