Apple Orange Recovery Drink Smoothie

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Bowl of Oranges

Bowl of Oranges

Thanks to a Mike’s Mix customer for coming up with this tasty and refreshing after workout smoothie. He used a full serving of fruit and a bit of water to create a great recovery smoothie. Adding apples to this recovery smoothie will provide a source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps prevent cholesterol build-up, while insoluble fiber helps to keep you regular. Oranges are right on the same page as apples, providing you with dietary fiber and much needed vitamin C. This smoothie is light in flavor and goes down smooth. For more flavor, simply add a few more slices of apples and oranges.

Smoothie Ingredients:
3 scoops Original Mike’s MixApple Orange Recovery Drink Smoothie
1/2 Golden Delicious Apple
1/2 Orange
2/3 cup water





Apple Orange Recovery Drink SmoothieAdd all ingredients to the blender and mix on low. Gradually increase speed until pureed. For a thicker smoothie, decrease water by 1/3. For best results, peel the apple before blending.

Total Calorie Count – 483

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