Cranberry Protein Smoothie

January 26th, 2016 (No Comments)

Cranberry Protein Smoothie, with whey and vegan options, has 230% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and 26 grams of protein. This smoothie can function as a low calorie meal replacement and has a unique and appealing tangy flavor.

Mike explains Recovery Drinks

November 5th, 2015 (1 Comment)

Learn about Recovery Drinks Who is Mike, why did he start making recovery drinks and why are they important for glycogen replenishment? Find out in this introductory 0:45 video clip. Watch this 6:05 video clip to learn about: What makes Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink different from the competition What research states should constitute a post workout […]

Clean Protein Recovery Drink

October 19th, 2015 (No Comments)

Wait a second…..Pink Vanilla?! Pink Lemonade makes sense. Pink Vanilla? Not so much. So what’s the deal with this unlikely flavor/color combination?  The Pink Culprit? Whole Beet Powder. Protein First Recovery Drink is our newest product specifically designed for recovery from power and strength workouts. In our initial chocolate flavor, the deep purple of the beet […]

One Minute Flaxseed Muffin

October 2nd, 2015 (No Comments)

There is a lot of room for alterations with this muffin. So far, I have tried adding chocolate chips (kid approved) and fruit (Mike approved, although you may need to microwave a little longer if using frozen fruit). You can also change this from a sweet muffin to one with more substance by adding meats and cheeses instead of honey and cinnamon.

Vegan Protein Bars

September 29th, 2015 (No Comments)

Easy and delicious way to get protein on the go. Even better, this recipe can fit the most restricted dietary needs. Vegan, gluten and diary free, there are many substitutions that can be made to fit your tastes. My initial attempt at this recipe was with honey and dried cherries and it was great! They cool nicely and travel well. I was able to get the kids to eat this as well by substituting chocolate chips for the fruit.

Quinoa Flour Pizza Crust

September 21st, 2015 (No Comments)

Quinoa Flour Pizza Crust This crust has a crispy, pita bread consistently to it that is delicious. I used it for pizza but this can easily be made as a stand alone for dipping and complimenting other foods. Give this a try and let me know what you think.  Ingredients: 2 cups Mike’s Mix Quinoa Flour 3 […]

The Gift of Life

September 7th, 2015 (10 Comments)

Have you ever witnessed an event so emotionally charged that you were instantly awakened to the realization that each day is a gift? This past weekend I had an experience that has shaken me from complacency. I feel compelled to share this incredible story with you.   It was my second trip to the Wausau […]

Mike’s Mix at the Midwest Freestyle Championships – Whitewater Kayaking

August 19th, 2015 (No Comments)

Mike’s Mix visited the Whitewater Kayak Midwest Freestyle Championships this weekend in Wausau, WI. My first memories of Wausau were from 30 years ago when as a youngster my family and I visited my aunt who lived in a little rural town called Bevent. Wausau was the closest city and we would visit to restock […]

How do you separate the proteins from the rest of the carbs in your vegan protein?

August 12th, 2015 (No Comments)

With the introduction of our new Vegan Protein, we have received a number of questions. One of the most frequent is: “How do you separate the proteins from the rest of the carbs in the beans and lentils?”  In short, the answer to this is we don’t separate the protein from the carbohydrate in our vegan […]

Vegan Protein Smoothie

July 7th, 2015 (No Comments)

This last week, the family and I went picking wild black berries. While Sawyer (my 5 year old) commenced with eating all of his immediately, Mike and I were more prudent with ours, freezing half in anticipation of enjoying in future smoothies.  I only made it a couple of days before digging into my frozen […]

New Mike’s Mix T-shirts!

May 18th, 2015 (1 Comment)

We’ve got new Mike’s Mix t-shirts and they are awesome!   Light weight and stylish, our new blended fabric t-shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes for men and women.                     Be the envy of all your friends and family and order a shirt […]

Local Whey Protein

March 30th, 2015 (2 Comments)

The Importance of Knowing your Source Consider the following: Recent investigations concluded that DDT and other hazardous pesticides contaminated the majority of green teas sold in the US by major manufacturers (1)  Investigations focused on herbal supplements underwent DNA testing and revealed that the majority of products were contaminated or substituted with alternative plant species […]

Functional Hip Exercises for Climbers, Runners, Triathletes and Cyclists

March 4th, 2015 (No Comments)

Hip Flexors? Hip flexors are a group of muscles that allow you to flex your hip. They are responsible for significant leg movement, including lifting your thigh.  Why stretch your hip flexors? Sudden movements such as sprinting, kicking, and changing direction while running or moving can cause injury by stretching and tearing the hip flexors. […]

Flax Seed Allergy Information

February 20th, 2015 (No Comments)

  Our flax seed is packaged in the same facility (Mike’s Mix) that packages products containing whey protein. However, we observe strict sanitary measures to limit any potential cross contamination. Mike’s Mix flax seed is free from nor is processed in the same facility that processes or packages any of the following: *Peanut or its […]

Cardio vs Strength Training: Which is better for weight loss?

February 2nd, 2015 (2 Comments)

I love cardiovascular exercise but believe the role of strength training as a means of bettering health has been severely underrepresented in the research and prescription among health care professionals. The following study hypothesized that “obesity-related risk factors would be greater in response to aerobic exercise than resistance exercise”. However, the results from this study demonstrated […]