Small Business Pride

January 27th, 2015 (No Comments)

  We are undeniably in a new internet and business age. Although I won’t deny there are negative consequences associated with this technology, there are positives too. The internet marketplace now allows small businesses like Mike’s Mix the opportunity to compete head to head with huge corporations in a world marketplace. I don’t think the […]

Fat Loss and Toning: Barbell Squats for Women

January 26th, 2015 (1 Comment)

Most women join a gym for toning or body fat reduction. Unfortunately, the act of acquiring a membership has never accomplished this goal and although it seems quite obvious it is important to mention that one must schedule time to work out on a consistent basis to see lasting results. This can be challenging as […]

Where is the 6 lb bag of protein?

December 17th, 2014 (No Comments)

We no longer offer a six pound bag of whey protein. We changed the company that was agglomerating our protein and the result was a fluffier, lower-density product. The current product mixes even better than before and in general is a more consistent, homogeneous powder.  Unfortunately, we are unable to get as much product into the packaging, […]

High Protein Recovery Drink

December 10th, 2014 (No Comments)

  We are really excited to introduce to you our newest product: Protein First Recovery Drink You asked for it, here it is; a recovery drink designed for strength, power and fitness workouts. If the goal of your training is to reduce body fat and/or increase muscle mass, then Protein First is the recovery drink for […]

Stop dieting if you want to lose weight

November 27th, 2014 (5 Comments)

Hi Mike, Over the last two months, I’ve been working really hard to lose weight and have lost 20 pounds so far and have at least another 20 to go. I’ve been using Melissa’s Mix Recovery Drink now for the last month after my workouts and I have definitely noticed better recovery. However, I’m concerned […]

Heat Processing, Denaturing and Cooking Whey Protein

November 14th, 2014 (1 Comment)

I know protein unfolds, or “denatures”, when exposed to high heat. Why do so many people use it in recipes that involve high heat (baking, for example)? Is there a certain temperature to which I shouldn’t expose the protein? ~Michael  Good question.  Let’s start with just a brief overview of protein chemistry (please don’t leave […]

P90X meets Survivor: A reboot for your workout

November 6th, 2014 (2 Comments)

Looking for some motivation or inspiration to keep your workouts fresh? Take a look at what Mike’s Mix customer, Eric and his girlfriend Annie put together for themselves.   P90X/Survivor Challenge! One of the biggest issues Annie and I faced when we tackled the Insanity program was staying motivated. After 60 days of only 4 […]

Ask Mike: Get Free Stuff and Get Answers

October 29th, 2014 (3 Comments)

Do you have a question about sports nutrition, dieting or training? Do you like getting free stuff? We bet you do! Here is your opportunity to ask those questions and receive a researched, yet understandable answer from Mike himself. In submitting your questions you will also have the opportunity to win free Mike’s Mix products […]

Gatorade, Galactose and Hydration: Research based ingredients for optimal hydration

October 27th, 2014 (3 Comments)

Hey Mike, Have you heard of G-Push? I came across an old article/propaganda piece through with G-Push and was curious to hear your thoughts about their hydration and nutrition philosophy. I don’t know if the product is around anymore but they used a “secret” ingredient called galactose, which sounds like something found in Oakleys. ~Dan Thanks […]

A Delicious Protein, No Sugar Cookie

October 20th, 2014 (No Comments)

Looking for a quick, easy and filling snack? This protein cookie is simple to make and delicious to eat. This recipe makes 5 cookies, approximately 151 calories each. Store any you don’t eat in the refrigerator to preserve and enjoy at a later date.  You can vary the recipe by making the cookies smaller, using […]

The damn Dam Challenge

October 9th, 2014 (No Comments)

This past weekend, Melissa and I participated in The Dam Challenge, a paddle-bike-run triathlon in the beautiful and hilly Kickapoo Valley Reserve in Wisconsin. The Dam Challenge has become one of the most competitive events of its nature in the Midwest, albeit there aren’t a lot of paddling triathlons compared to the more popular swimming […]

A Family Summit of Mount Langley

October 2nd, 2014 (1 Comment)

This past July our family took an extended road trip to California. Hitting the road is nothing new to our family, as we try to take at least a couple of short trips each year. Although it is often not the focus of our adventures, we try to involve some sort of rock climbing or […]

Weekend Summary: Boulder Bash and a reunion with an old friend

September 30th, 2014 (1 Comment)

In my opinion, there are few places more delightful than Wisconsin in fall and at the end of September we are quickly approaching peak coloration in the forests. This last week, mid-day highs still resembled August temperatures, but the cool evenings greatly reduce humidity and made for comfortable conditions. I broke out my down jacket for […]

Is there MSG in Mike’s Mix Whey Protein?

September 19th, 2014 (No Comments)

What is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)? MSG is a flavor enhancer commonly added to canned foods, Chinese food, and other processed food products. It is the salt form of the amino acid glutamic acid. Glutamic acid (and not MSG) is found naturally in our bodies and in dietary protein sources (i.e. eggs, beef, beans, etc). Does […]

How do I get a coupon/discount code?

August 18th, 2014 (2 Comments)

Melissa and I are faced with many choices regarding how to run Mike’s Mix. We have found a sincere and decisive way to determine these procedures: we make decisions based on how we would want to be treated as customers. It has been our approach to consistently keep pricing low and not offer coupons or […]