Avocado-Spinach Smoothie

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It’s like mission impossible in my house when trying to get my children to eat anything green, or vegetables of any color for that matter. Unfortunately, I’m often not the best role model and rely on Mike for the nutrition management of our household. Even though I know the health benefits of consuming vegetables, especially the green ones, I still struggle to eat them on a daily basis. I was very excited when I found this vegetable heavy, yet delicious, smoothie recipe. Not only will I willingly make this smoothies daily, my children (and husband) love it and keep asking for it even with its odd green color!

The avocado in this recipe combined with the whey protein create a rich and smooth creaminess that is surprisingly good and the spinach is only detectable by its color. The orange juice and fruit provide a natural sweetness that your whole family will enjoy.


Why eat avocados and spinach? Avocados are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins C, K, folate, and B6. While fresh spinach leaves are rich in vitamin A, C and K. A good, whole food option to fulfill your daily vitamin requirements. 



Mix the spinach and orange juice in a blender and mix before adding the other ingredients. This ensures the spinach is blended smoothly without any chunks left behind that need to be chewed later. Add the remaining ingredients and blend.

Servings: This recipe makes enough for four servings, with the calorie count coming out at 217.5/servings (pictured to the right). Divide the smoothie in two yields a yummy 435 calorie meal.

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  1. Mountainbird

    A friend from work said she had a version of this each day and it energized her. Also, she is losing wwight. Tasted fine. Feel good. Had it for breakfast. Added and subtracted a few things. Thanks for the recipe, Mike.


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