Banana Chocolate Recovery Smoothie

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Banana Recovery DrinkThanks to a Mike’s Mix customer for sharing this tasty chocolate recovery smoothie recipe. A classic recipe that everyone should try; it is fast, easy and one of the least expensive recovery smoothies you can make. Bananas are full of health benefits that their rounded brethren don’t have. Bananas are loaded with potassium which promotes a healthy circulatory system. Potassium can help maintain a regular heartbeat, improves blood flow throughout the body and helps keep your bodies water level in proper balance! Bananas are also rich in iron, iron helps hemoglobin production to increase red blood cell production, increasing oxygen flow throughout the body.

If you’re counting calories you can skip the milk and reduce the serving of Mike’s Mix to two scoops.


Smoothie Ingredients:

3 Scoops Mike’s Mix Chocolate Recovery Drink   Buy Mike’s Mix
1 Full Banana
1/2 Cup Skim Milk


Simply blend a full banana (frozen or ripe), three scoops of chocolate Mike’s Mix recovery drink and a little milk and you will be feeling the benefits of this great smoothie after your next workout.

Calories: 530
Total Fat: 2.5 g
Protein: 27 g
Sugars: 54 g

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