Can I be made of Iron?

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My name is Liliana River, and I want to complete my first Ironman Event in September 2011. You up for following me on this journey? I’ll be “docu-blogging” my trials and tribulations as I push myself to complete this event.

Anyway, who am I? I’m a mid-40’s female who works as a police officer for an urban police department approximately 400 strong. I’ve worked the night shift in the downtown entertainment district for most of my 21-year career. I am the youngest sibling of a great family, and have a sick/disabled partner with many medical needs requiring care. In my life, I oscillate whether I’m an athlete or not in my definition of self. Food has often been my companion on the highs and lows of life. If I’m tired, sad, bored, etc., food is there. Having said that, you can guess weight has been an issue in my life. It has definitely been an anchor holding me back from goals not obtained.

I’ve played sports most of my life, and it defined me. I played collegiate ball on scholarship at a Division I school, competed internationally on the USA tug-of-war team, taking a silver medal at a World Championship, and many other sports. I was never a runner or swimmer. A few years ago, my oldest sister started that funny sport of triathlon. So, why not? The oldest always got the rest of us to follow in her footsteps, so I too, started competing in triathlons. This is how we ended up with the journey to the Ironman, one small step and an older sister.

I’m on a journey to hear Mike Reilly say “Liliana River, you are an Iron woman.” I’m not sure I’ll ever hear those exact words, but I can guarantee you, it will be a sweet sound. Follow me on the journey.

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