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The Gift of Life

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Have you ever witnessed an event so emotionally charged that you were instantly awakened to the realization that each day is a gift? This past weekend I had an experience that has shaken me from complacency. I feel compelled to share this incredible story with you.   It was my second trip to the Wausau […]


Mike’s Mix at the Midwest Freestyle Championships – Whitewater Kayaking

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Mike’s Mix visited the Whitewater Kayak Midwest Freestyle Championships this weekend in Wausau, WI. My first memories of Wausau were from 30 years ago when as a youngster my family and I visited my aunt who lived in a little rural town called Bevent. Wausau was the closest city and we would visit to restock […]


Small Business Pride

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  We are undeniably in a new internet and business age. Although I won’t deny there are negative consequences associated with this technology, there are positives too. The internet marketplace now allows small businesses like Mike’s Mix the opportunity to compete head to head with huge corporations in a world marketplace. I don’t think the […]


A Family Summit of Mount Langley

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This past July our family took an extended road trip to California. Hitting the road is nothing new to our family, as we try to take at least a couple of short trips each year. Although it is often not the focus of our adventures, we try to involve some sort of rock climbing or […]


Weekend Summary: Boulder Bash and a reunion with an old friend

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In my opinion, there are few places more delightful than Wisconsin in fall and at the end of September we are quickly approaching peak coloration in the forests. This last week, mid-day highs still resembled August temperatures, but the cool evenings greatly reduce humidity and made for comfortable conditions. I broke out my down jacket for […]


Internet Customer Service: An Oxymoron?

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It’s difficult to describe a commitment to customer service in just a couple of sentences. Additionally, many of us have become desensitized to clichés, such as commitment, dedication and money back guarantee that companies frequently use to describe their service. Too often, these words are only lip service, especially when dealing with online businesses where […]


There are no Health Foods

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by Michael Lohre, MS Contrasting advice on what constitutes healthy eating It is my perspective that an aura of confusion exists amongst dieters, the media, and even health care professionals as to what constitutes a healthy diet.  It seems a daily occurrence that I run across information touting the health benefits of a certain food […]


Melissa’s Mix: A Recovery Drink for Women

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Over the last four decades research has established a gender based difference in the physiological response to exercise with more recent efforts examining post-exercise, gender-specific recovery. Findings indicate that as far as post-workout nutritional strategies are concerned there doesn’t appear to be a difference between male and female needs:1  Like men, women should focus on […]


Recovery Drink Fruit Smoothie

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Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Smoothies There’s really nothing more enjoyable than an ice cold Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink fruit smoothie after a hard workout. Original Mike’s Mix enhances the flavor of any frozen fruit and provides a sweet creamy base that blends up to the perfect ice cream like consistency. With limitless flavor options and […]


Serving Size Recommendations for a Recovery Drink

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The composition of Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink is the optimal blend of nutrients to facilitate every athlete’s recovery from strenuous exercise.  However, like all aspects of nutrition, the amount of post-workout supplementation should be unique and customized for each individual.  A universal serving size is not appropriate for a population who differ in size, gender, […]


Common Weight Loss Mistakes: #1 Low-Calorie Diets Don’t Work!

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Having been a personal trainer for the past 13 years I have had the opportunity to guide, encourage, and support hundreds of clients with goals involving weight loss and shaping.  I have seen great successes and triumphs, but I have also witnessed frustration and failure. Although it is always painful to see clients fall short […]


Creatine in a Recovery Drink

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by Michael Lohre MS, HFI I have had several inquires from potential customers asking why Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink does not contain creatine.  Currently, creatine is all the rage within the sports supplements market and many competing recovery drinks, including the popular P90X, incorporate it into their formulas.  Although I believe that supplemental creatine can […]


Sugar in a Recovery Drink

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by Michael J. Lohre MS, ACSM-HFI I have received several e-mails from potential buyers of Mike’s Mix who are concerned about the high level of “sugar” in the recovery drink. Mike’s Mix has a whopping 40 grams of sugar in each serving. I applaud these consumers for reading food and supplement labels with a critical […]


The Limitations of Sports Drinks

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Carbohydrates are the premier fuel source for athletic activity providing energy at a much higher rate than fat. However, unlike fat our body has a limited supply of carbohydrates and when this supply is eliminated we “bonk” or “hit the wall”. During exercise your body relies on two sources for carbohydrate: stored carbohydrate in the […]