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Cycling: Heat and Nausea

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Hey Mike, When I do centuries and it soars up to around 90 degrees, I start to feel ill. Sometimes it’s nausea, and sometimes there’s that odd feeling like I’ve inhaled a little water. Knowing this happens, the last time I rode a century in such heat I sipped ice water during our lunch break. […]


Mike explains Recovery Drinks

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Learn about Recovery Drinks Who is Mike, why did he start making recovery drinks and why are they important for glycogen replenishment? Find out in this introductory 0:45 video clip. Watch this 6:05 video clip to learn about: What makes Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink different from the competition What research states should constitute a post workout […]


Local Whey Protein

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The Importance of Knowing your Source Consider the following: Recent investigations concluded that DDT and other hazardous pesticides contaminated the majority of green teas sold in the US by major manufacturers (1)  Investigations focused on herbal supplements underwent DNA testing and revealed that the majority of products were contaminated or substituted with alternative plant species […]


Functional Hip Exercises for Climbers, Runners, Triathletes and Cyclists

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Hip Flexors? Hip flexors are a group of muscles that allow you to flex your hip. They are responsible for significant leg movement, including lifting your thigh.  Why stretch your hip flexors? Sudden movements such as sprinting, kicking, and changing direction while running or moving can cause injury by stretching and tearing the hip flexors. […]


Stop dieting if you want to lose weight

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Hi Mike, Over the last two months, I’ve been working really hard to lose weight and have lost 20 pounds so far and have at least another 20 to go. I’ve been using Melissa’s Mix Recovery Drink now for the last month after my workouts and I have definitely noticed better recovery. However, I’m concerned […]


Heat Processing, Denaturing and Cooking Whey Protein

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I know protein unfolds, or “denatures”, when exposed to high heat. Why do so many people use it in recipes that involve high heat (baking, for example)? Is there a certain temperature to which I shouldn’t expose the protein? ~Michael  Good question.  Let’s start with just a brief overview of protein chemistry (please don’t leave […]


Ask Mike: Get Free Stuff and Get Answers

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Do you have a question about sports nutrition, dieting or training? Do you like getting free stuff? We bet you do! Here is your opportunity to ask those questions and receive a researched, yet understandable answer from Mike himself. In submitting your questions you will also have the opportunity to win free Mike’s Mix products […]


Gatorade, Galactose and Hydration: Research based ingredients for optimal hydration

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Hey Mike, Have you heard of G-Push? I came across an old article/propaganda piece through with G-Push and was curious to hear your thoughts about their hydration and nutrition philosophy. I don’t know if the product is around anymore but they used a “secret” ingredient called galactose, which sounds like something found in Oakleys. ~Dan Thanks […]


Advice for Gaining Muscle Mass

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  I received the following question from a customer interested in gaining muscle mass and thought I would share my response: Question: I am a 30 year old skinny guy, and I have always had a hard time gaining weight.  I am 5’8″, and I currently weigh 123 (this is high for me – I […]


Is 2 or 3 scoops the recommended serving size?

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Question:   On your website the suggested serving size for your recovery drink is 2 scoops but on the product label under the directions it says three overflowing scoops… so which is the recommended serving size? Answer: I can understand your confusion.  When I launched Mike’s Mix I assumed a customer base of mostly endurance […]


What does the Original Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Flavor Taste like?

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The Original Mike’s Mix has no flavoring added. It is a testimony to the quality of the functional ingredients that they inherently taste good. A sweet cream is probably the best description of the subtle flavor, which is pleasant but not overpowering. The less water you mix with the original Mike’s Mix, the richer the […]


Is Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Gluten Free?

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Yes, Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink is Gluten Free.  Gluten is a protein composite present in grass-like grains, most notably wheat Many people are finding they are intolerant of gluten or allergic to it and are trying to eliminate it from their diets.  This is quite an undertaking because gluten is ubiquitous in the American diet.  Mike’s […]


Can Lactose Intolerant Individuals use Mike’s Mix Recovey Drink?

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Question and Answer: Q: I am lactose intolerant. Should I avoid Mike’s Mix, which contains whey protein concentrate? How much lactose is in your product? Should I be looking for a pure whey protein isolate instead? A: There is no such thing as “pure” whey protein. Whey protein is offered in a concentrated form where […]