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Cycling: Heat and Nausea

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Hey Mike, When I do centuries and it soars up to around 90 degrees, I start to feel ill. Sometimes it’s nausea, and sometimes there’s that odd feeling like I’ve inhaled a little water. Knowing this happens, the last time I rode a century in such heat I sipped ice water during our lunch break. […]


Carbohydrate Amounts in Sports Drinks

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Customized Carbohydrate amounts in Sports Drinks for Endurance Athletes during Exercise.   The following post is the first in a series that is intended for endurance athletes (runners, cyclists, triathletes, ultra-runners, etc) to provide the resources to make and customize sports drinks. How much carbohydrate to include in a sports drink customized for duration The […]


Training Wisdom from a Competitive Cyclist

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When it comes to understanding training and fueling the body there is no substitution for experience. A true master athlete is always a student; constantly experimenting and adjusting their workouts and nutrition to better their game. Tim Racette is a seasoned and much accomplished cyclist with a very mindful approach to his training and diet. I asked […]


Clean Protein Recovery Drink

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Wait a second…..Pink Vanilla?! Pink Lemonade makes sense. Pink Vanilla? Not so much. So what’s the deal with this unlikely flavor/color combination?  The Pink Culprit? Whole Beet Powder. Protein First Recovery Drink is our newest product specifically designed for recovery from power and strength workouts. In our initial chocolate flavor, the deep purple of the beet […]


Is there MSG in Mike’s Mix Whey Protein?

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What is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)? MSG is a flavor enhancer commonly added to canned foods, Chinese food, and other processed food products. It is the salt form of the amino acid glutamic acid. Glutamic acid (and not MSG) is found naturally in our bodies and in dietary protein sources (i.e. eggs, beef, beans, etc). Does […]


Whey Protein: Concentrate versus Isolate

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Whey protein is commercially available in a number of different forms and concentrations. The two most common forms are whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. At Mike’s Mix, we have researched and experimented with both varieties, and currently use a high quality concentrate for our recovery drinks and protein powder. Although the two varieties […]


Adding Protein to your Post-Workout Recovery Drink

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Want more Protein after your workout? Mike’s Mix’s recovery drinks provide 12 grams of protein per two scoop serving and the ratio of carbohydrate to protein is 4:1.  Research has demonstrated that this ratio increases the rate of glycogen formation compared to carbohydrate alone, but as to date, there have been no studies comparing greater […]


Internet Customer Service: An Oxymoron?

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It’s difficult to describe a commitment to customer service in just a couple of sentences. Additionally, many of us have become desensitized to clichés, such as commitment, dedication and money back guarantee that companies frequently use to describe their service. Too often, these words are only lip service, especially when dealing with online businesses where […]


Mike’s Mix Samples

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  Individual serving packets available: Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink-Original  Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink-Chocolate Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink-Tangerine Cream Melissa’s Mix-Chocolate Brownie Melissa’s Mix-Tangerine Cream Mike’s Mix Sports Drink-Lemon-aid Mike’s Mix All-Natural, Unflavored Whey Protein Mike’s Mix Protein First-Chocolate You can try any of our products for free (we do ask that you pay shipping costs). […]


A Protein Cost Comparison

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In recent years protein has become a very popular commodity, both domestically and abroad. Consequently, the cost of protein has increased dramatically and will most likely continue this upward trend. Much has been written about identifying foods that are high in protein, however this article is written for the prudent consumer searching for the best […]


Nutrition and Exercise Induced Muscle Soreness

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Exercise Induced Muscle Soreness: Common and Annoying Almost every athlete has experienced exercise induced muscle soreness at one time or another. This soreness is often referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) because symptoms usually present 12 to 48 hours after cessation of exercise. Muscle soreness can be extremely annoying as it limits your […]


Does a Recovery Drink Help Prevent Muscle Cramping?

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Question: I’ve been cramping a lot recently during exercise and would like to know if Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink would help prevent muscle cramps? Does stretching before a workout prevent this cramping or hasten recovery after cramping? Answer: I wish I could sell you a product that would remedy your muscle cramps, but alas I’m […]


A good meal replacement shake?

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Question: (from Doug a Mike’s Mix customer) I have been using your product for about a year now and I don’t look anywhere else for a recovery drink. As of late, I have taken a more serious approach to my daily nutrition. My hardest part of the day to plan is lunch. I just don’t […]


Serving Size Recommendations for a Recovery Drink

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The composition of Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink is the optimal blend of nutrients to facilitate every athlete’s recovery from strenuous exercise.  However, like all aspects of nutrition, the amount of post-workout supplementation should be unique and customized for each individual.  A universal serving size is not appropriate for a population who differ in size, gender, […]


Can Lactose Intolerant Individuals use Mike’s Mix Recovey Drink?

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Question and Answer: Q: I am lactose intolerant. Should I avoid Mike’s Mix, which contains whey protein concentrate? How much lactose is in your product? Should I be looking for a pure whey protein isolate instead? A: There is no such thing as “pure” whey protein. Whey protein is offered in a concentrated form where […]