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Creatine in a Recovery Drink

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by Michael Lohre MS, HFI I have had several inquires from potential customers asking why Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink does not contain creatine.  Currently, creatine is all the rage within the sports supplements market and many competing recovery drinks, including the popular P90X, incorporate it into their formulas.  Although I believe that supplemental creatine can […]


Sugar in a Recovery Drink

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by Michael J. Lohre MS, ACSM-HFI I have received several e-mails from potential buyers of Mike’s Mix who are concerned about the high level of “sugar” in the recovery drink. Mike’s Mix has a whopping 40 grams of sugar in each serving. I applaud these consumers for reading food and supplement labels with a critical […]


Is Chocolate Milk a Good Recovery Drink?

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A detailed examination of Chocolate Milk as a recovery drink.


Hydration Drink: another use for Mike’s Mix

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By Mike Lohre MS HFI Step right up and get your container of Mike’s Magical Mix. It facilitates recovery after a workout, gets tough stains out of clothes, cures the common cold, and also makes a great hydration drink. Alright, that might be overstating the possible uses of Mike’s Mix, but in addition to a […]


The Limitations of Sports Drinks

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Carbohydrates are the premier fuel source for athletic activity providing energy at a much higher rate than fat. However, unlike fat our body has a limited supply of carbohydrates and when this supply is eliminated we “bonk” or “hit the wall”. During exercise your body relies on two sources for carbohydrate: stored carbohydrate in the […]