Training Wisdom from a Competitive Cyclist

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When it comes to understanding training and fueling the body there is no substitution for experience. A true master athlete is always a student; constantly experimenting and adjusting their workouts and nutrition to better their game. Tim Racette is a seasoned and much accomplished cyclist with a very mindful approach to his training and diet. I asked […]


Functional Hip Exercises for Climbers, Runners, Triathletes and Cyclists

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Hip Flexors? Hip flexors are a group of muscles that allow you to flex your hip. They are responsible for significant leg movement, including lifting your thigh.  Why stretch your hip flexors? Sudden movements such as sprinting, kicking, and changing direction while running or moving can cause injury by stretching and tearing the hip flexors. […]


Cardio vs Strength Training: Which is better for weight loss?

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I love cardiovascular exercise but believe the role of strength training as a means of bettering health has been severely underrepresented in the research and prescription among health care professionals. The following study hypothesized that “obesity-related risk factors would be greater in response to aerobic exercise than resistance exercise”. However, the results from this study demonstrated […]


Fat Loss and Toning: Barbell Squats for Women

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Most women join a gym for toning or body fat reduction. Unfortunately, the act of acquiring a membership has never accomplished this goal and although it seems quite obvious it is important to mention that one must schedule time to work out on a consistent basis to see lasting results. This can be challenging as […]


P90X meets Survivor: A reboot for your workout

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Looking for some motivation or inspiration to keep your workouts fresh? Take a look at what Mike’s Mix customer, Eric and his girlfriend Annie put together for themselves.   P90X/Survivor Challenge! One of the biggest issues Annie and I faced when we tackled the Insanity program was staying motivated. After 60 days of only 4 […]


Playlists to get you moving

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Are you getting bored with the same old playlist on your run?  We’ve come up with two up-beat, high energy playlists, made up of songs that maybe you don’t hear all the time. They are guaranteed to get your blood flowing and get you through that last mile (or last stretch of your workout)! Listed below […]


Cold Weather Running

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March has arrived and if you’re like me, you’ve got the itch to get outside and go running. Living in Wisconsin, if often seems that spring is a long time in coming. This year is no exception as the air is still cold and the snow is still falling throughout much of the country.  But why should […]


Advice for Gaining Muscle Mass

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  I received the following question from a customer interested in gaining muscle mass and thought I would share my response: Question: I am a 30 year old skinny guy, and I have always had a hard time gaining weight.  I am 5’8″, and I currently weigh 123 (this is high for me – I […]


Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Fitness Challenge – Win Mike’s Mix: Exercise #1 One-legged Pistol Squat on Ball

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Click here to see one-footed pistol squat on ball Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink fitness challenge is an opportunity to test oneself with a series of very difficult exercises that require balance, strength, agility, and flexibility.  Although performing these exercises requires a great amount of athleticism, with enough focused training and time, a healthy individual should […]


Visualization and running, the key to efficient form

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by Mike Lohre MS, HFI As runners we are all searching for new training techniques that will allow us to become faster and stronger. A sure method for lowering your race times is to focus on improving running efficiency. One means of accomplishing this is through strength training, especially of the core musculature. However, a […]


Used Road and Tri-bicycles

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I am a big proponent of buying used bikes. Whenever I have a friend or a client in the market for a bike I steer them in the direction of buying one second hand over new. The biggest reason for this is that new bikes can be really expensive! Like used cars, as soon as […]


A Few Good Reasons to Race

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As a personal trainer I’m always encouraging my clients that don’t compete to enter local races and events. Most of these individuals run or bike, but I also have skiers, swimmers and paddlers. For the ambitious recreational athlete there are events that incorporate all these activities and more. When I broach my clients on the […]