Featured Athlete Friday #2

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Welcome to Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink’s Featured Athlete Friday!
Get ready to be amazed and inspired by the human potential for athleticism! Each Friday Mike will post a video that demonstrates super-human displays of strength, flexibility, power, speed and agility that won’t fail to make your jaw drop. These videos are meant to help you push your limits and get you psyched to go out and do something truly awesome for the weekend.
Rock Climbing is a relatively young sport especially in the United States.  However, it has steadily grown in popularity over the last couple of decades, which has prompted the opening of thousands of rock climbing gyms across the country.  Consequently, within a short driving distance, everyone has the opportunity to test themselves against the stone.  Indoors or out, the mental, physical and emotional satisfaction that comes from ascending rock lines is addicting.  If you haven’t tried it yet maybe you should!
Chris Sharma is a name familiar to even the greenest of climbers.  He has been pushing the limits of athletic climbing for the last decade while mesmerizing the public with his sage like persona.   Chris’s explosive technique coupled with his gift for finding and ascending beautiful and inspiring lines makes watching him an experience in itself.  I believe the following clip exemplifies what I find so intriguing about climbing and I think Chris says it best: “climbing is about finding beautiful things in nature and interacting with them”.  So, enjoy your weekend and hopefully you will have the opportunity to discover something beautiful in nature and immerse yourself in it.

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