Clean Protein Recovery Drink

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Clean Protein Recovery Drink

Protein First Pink Vanilla Recovery Drink

Wait a second…..Pink Vanilla?!

Pink Lemonade makes sense. Pink Vanilla? Not so much. So what’s the deal with this unlikely flavor/color combination? 

The Pink Culprit? Whole Beet Powder. Protein First Recovery Drink is our newest product specifically designed for recovery from power and strength workouts. In our initial chocolate flavor, the deep purple of the beet is masked by cocoa. With the natural French Vanilla addition, and the cocoa removed, the beet makes its presence known. After taste testing, with almost unanimous approval, we were left with a dilemma: An exciting new flavor that was a color likely to confuse customers and perhaps dissuade sales. When life gives you lemons…make lemonade; and when your vanilla drink is pink…embrace it. So, instead of removing the whole beet powder, or worse, trying to hide it with dyes, we accepted the pink for being as unique to vanilla flavoring as Protein First is to Recovery Drinks.

What makes Protein First Unique?

Mike’s Mix Recovery Drinks are designed with function and effectiveness foremost. 99% of the supplement industry is continually releasing products formulated on nutritional dogma and trends, which are always shifting.  Protein First Recovery Drinks are formulated with nutritional components that have research proven history of stimulating muscle synthesis and bolstering recovery.

For example:

Whey concentrate is our first ingredient in Protein First. Whey protein may be old news, with hemp, branch-chained amino acids, casein and isolates currently in vogue. However, whey continues to demonstrate superiority over any other protein with regards to digestibility, amino acid profile and ability to promote muscle hypertrophy.(1

Another example:

We add an assortment of quickly digesting carbohydrates to Protein First. With a growing anti-carb movement this inclusion is not a popular selling point. Nonetheless, true to our mission, we follow the research that consistently demonstrates post-workout carbohydrate increases muscle hypertrophy by maximizing amino acid uptake, lowering cortisol and creating a favorable insulin response. Additionally, even brief bouts of strength training significantly reduce glycogen (energy stores). Research dating back to the 1960s demonstrates the advantage of carbohydrate post-workout to restore these reserves which are closely associated with recovery. 

Protein First is a simple formula with natural, well known ingredients.


Milk, Sweet Potatos and Beets constitute the ingredients in Protein First

Recovery drink made from real, natural, clean foods

How many other products on the market can you read the whole ingredient list in a couple of seconds and be able to easily identify everything? At Mike’s Mix, we believe simple is better and you can accomplish the same goal of a fully functional formula without polluting it with additives. We don’t manipulate the color of our products. Instead, they retain the cumulative color of their natural ingredients, and in this case, our Vanilla Protein First happens to be pink.

You are what you eat!

With real food ingredients ideal for a post-workout meal, Protein First assures you have done everything possible to be Stronger Tomorrow.  Two simple yet really tasty flavors, only $1.83 a meal.

Mike's Mix Protein First-Chocolate

Mike’s Mix Protein First-Chocolate

Mike's Mix Protein First - Pink Vanilla

Mike’s Mix Protein First – Pink Vanilla

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