Iced Coffee Recovery Drink

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Want a caffeine boost with your post-workout meal? Use any chocolate or vanilla Mike’s Mix recovery drink in the following easy recipe and get all the protein and carbohydrate to assure you are recovered for your next workout while enjoying the delicious, ice-cold energy boosting taste of an iced Mocha. 

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Blending Iced Mocha Recovery Smoothie using the NutriBullet


 Don’t care for chocolate? Try with Vanilla Protein First or Mike’s Mix Original. You won’t be disappointed.

Iced Mocha Coffee Recovery Drink

Iced Mocha Coffee Recovery Drink



  1. Brew and refrigerate coffee in advance to ensure the coffee is cold enough to not melt the ice cubes.

  2. Place coffee, ice cubes and Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink in a blender.

  3. Mix, pour and enjoy!
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This recipe works great with any of the following recovery drinks:

Mike’s Mix Original

Mike’s Mix Chocolate

Melissa’s Mix Chocolate Brownie

Mike’s Mix Protein First Chocolate (used in this recipe)

Mike’s Mix Protein First Pink Vanilla

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