Featured Athlete Friday #6 Ashima Shiraishi

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Welcome to Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink’s Featured Athlete Friday!
Get ready to be amazed and inspired by the human potential for athleticism! Here we feature an athlete that demonstrates super-human displays of strength, flexibility, power, speed and agility that won’t fail to make your jaw drop. These videos are meant to help you push your limits and get you psyched to go out and do something truly awesome for the weekend.
This Friday I tried to bring some diversity to the table and our featured athlete is eleven year old Ashima Shiraishi.  In the last couple of years, Ashima has taken the rock climbing community by storm and established herself as one of the best climbers in the world!  Not just one of the best kid climbers or even one of the best female climbers but amongst men, women and children there are few that can claim the skills and strength of this 4’5″ 63 pound halfling.
A beautiful piece was written about Ashima recently that graced the front pages of the New York Times sports page. I will defer to this article for Ashima’s background and climbing accomplishments.  I must add that Ashima is a personal inspiration to me for her ability to break through barriers of what was previously thought possible.  Young Asian girls from New York City aren’t supposed to be able to repeat the hardest boulder problems in the world but Ashima is.  Her love for climbing and her work ethic have brought her literally to the pinnacle of what is possible on rock.  We can learn a lot from a kid who doesn’t let anything but her imagination limit her potential.  So, who is to say that you, whoever you are, can’t become elite at what you love?  Letting go of preconceived notions of what is possible or socially acceptable is also inspirational.  If we could all let go of the garbage that accumulates in our minds (I’m too old, fat, uncoordinated, slow, nonathletic, etc) and just love and appreciate the ability to move our bodies and participate in athletic activity, who knows where we might end up.  The World is Our Playground.  Have a great weekend.

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