Is Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Gluten Free?

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Yes, Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink is Gluten Free.  Gluten is a protein composite present in grass-like grains, most notably wheat Many people are finding they are intolerant of gluten or allergic to it and are trying to eliminate it from their diets.  This is quite an undertaking because gluten is ubiquitous in the American diet.  Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink contains no wheat products and gluten is absent as both a binder and filler.  So if you have gluten intolerance symptoms, gluten allergy symptoms, or wheat allergy symptoms Mike’s Mix is a safe and effective recovery drink that will not irritate your condition.

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    Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

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    Allergy symptoms are very easy to spot, they area always accompanied by itchiness or sneezing. “*.;:

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