Feature Athlete Friday #4 Compilation of Flips!

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Featured Athlete Friday #4


Welcome to Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink’s Featured Athlete Friday!
Get ready to be amazed and inspired by the human potential for athleticism! Each Friday Mike will post a video that demonstrates super-human displays of strength, flexibility, power, speed and agility that won’t fail to make your jaw drop. These videos are meant to help you push your limits and get you psyched to go out and do something truly awesome for the weekend.
Although you may never see these featured athletes in the Olympic games, and perhaps some of the vaults and flips they perform are accomplished with better control and technique in a world class gymnastics event, the energy and raw power displayed in today’s video is nothing less than spectacular.  As for myself, a devote lover of the outdoors and open sky, I prefer watching a vault or a back-flip performed on the ocean beach or a grass covered field.   In my humble opinion, the absence of artificial lights and padded gym floors make these maneuvers seem more impressive.  So enjoy and witness the fitness.




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