Is 2 or 3 scoops the recommended serving size?

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On your website the suggested serving size for your recovery drink is 2 scoops but on the product label under the directions it says three overflowing scoops… so which is the recommended serving size?


I can understand your confusion.  When I launched Mike’s Mix I assumed a customer base of mostly endurance athletes: performance driven individuals with workout durations typically greater than one hour.  The current label on the container reflects this population with a suggested serving size of 100 grams (3 scoops).  Since the inception of Mike’s Mix my customer base has shifted to include a significant number of people seeking weight loss or general fitness.  Although intense, their workouts tend to be of a shorter duration and they are also often trying to reduce daily caloric intake.  The new minimum serving size recommendation of 66 grams (2 scoops) is to accommodate these athletes.  I have already adjusted the labels on the Mike’s Mix bags to reflect this change, but it may be a few months before I can complete this transition when I have container labels reprinted.

Serving size should be customized for  gender, goals, workout duration and intensity.  A couple of sentences on a label is not sufficient to adequately address these issues.  Therefore,  I have put together a  serving size chart to accommodate the many different athletes that use Mike’s Mix: .  I encourage you to use this chart to determine the serving size that is right for you.

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  1. Graham Leupp

    If you’re adding fruit to the Mike’s Mix when you make a recovery smoothie, aren’t you changing the carb/protein ratio in favor of the carbs? What effect will this have on the uptake of the product?

    • Mike

      Hello Graham,

      Good question. Yes, you are certainly changing the caloric content, the macro-nutrient ratio and probably slowing the rate of absorption when adding additional fruit to the product. However, I doubt that any of these factors have any significance in the effectiveness of your post-workout meal. The 4 to 1 ratio that you hear so much about with respect to carbohydrate versus protein is mostly marketing hype from one manufacturer of recovery drinks. That manufacturer successfully patented that 4:1 ratio and use it as their primary marketing strategy. Research has shown that addition of protein to carbohydrate in a 4:1 ratio increases the rate of glycogen synthesis over carbohydrate alone, but no further research was done to show whether a 2:1 ratio or a 8:1 ratio would effect the rate differently. My feeling is that the exact ratio is inconsequential as long as sufficient carbohydrate and protein are available.

      Although the rate of absorption may slow a bit with the addition of fruit, I highly doubt it is significant. In fact, although I can’t prove this without a laboratory experiment, I would guess that a Mike’s Mix smoothie would still register a value of a 100 on the glycemic index (the maximum potential for increasing blood glucose) even with the addition of fruit.
      In summary, sports nutrition really isn’t rocket science, although most of the marketing hype would make it seem that way. The important points to remember in a post-workout drink; get sufficient quickly digesting carbohydrate with the addition of protein to replenish lost glycogen soon after your workout. A Mike’s Mix or a Mike’s Mix smoothie will do this optimally.

  2. Mike

    Mike I have been reading and studying your product and decided to purchase Mike’s Mix. On your site under purchasing I noticed that you also had Maltodextrin as a separate item. Where would this be used? Would I take it on pre workout, during workout or post workout? Isn’t Maltodextrin already incorporated into Mike’s Mix? Thanks

    • Mike

      Hello Mike, thanks for choosing Mike’s Mix. Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer that can be used as the foundation of hydration drinks, recovery drinks, and sports gels. When I started making Mike’s Mix I found it almost impossible to locate a maltodextrin that didn’t come in 50lb bags, clump, or taste awful. I offer Mike’s Mix maltodextrin for people who are interested in making their own sports nutrition products. I don’t sell a lot of maltodextrin, but it is useful to a select few, like myself, who like tinkering with their own concoctions. Maltodextrin is already incorporated into our recovery drink and I wouldn’t add any extra to a post-workout meal. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
      Take Care,


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