Can Lactose Intolerant Individuals use Mike’s Mix Recovey Drink?

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Q: I am lactose intolerant. Should I avoid Mike’s Mix, which contains whey protein concentrate? How much lactose is in your product? Should I be looking for a pure whey protein isolate instead?

A: There is no such thing as “pure” whey protein. Whey protein is offered in a concentrated form where protein concentrations vary from 40 to 81% and an isolate form which is around 90% protein. Mike’s Mix uses the highest quality whey protein concentrate (WPC), which is 81% protein. Although the isolate form has a higher protein concentration and consequently contains less lactose, I found a taste and mixing advantage in the WPC. There is also a significant price increase in the isolate form. For these reasons, I decided that the majority of my customers would be best served with the high quality WPC over an isolate or hydolysate (another form of protein) for Mike’s Mix.

There are less than 2 grams of lactose in a 100 gram serving of Mike’s Mix. Most individuals with lactose intolerance are not adversely affected by small amounts of lactose. I have had several emails from lactose intolerant customers that have had positive experiences with Mike’s Mix. However, every lactose intolerant person is unique in the amount of lactose that will cause an adverse reaction. Less than 2 grams of lactose is not a lot unless you are extremely sensitive to it. Most lactose intolerant individuals are able to drink a half cup of milk at one time without symptoms. 1 A half cup of milk has 5 to 6 grams of lactose in it which is 3X the amount in a serving of Mike’s Mix. Therefore, most lactose intolerant individuals will have no ill effects from the small amount of lactose in Mike’s Mix.

If you have found that any trace of lactose causes you problems, I would suggest trying a whey protein isolate. However, because there is still some lactose in a whey protein isolate you may ultimately want to choose a soy or egg protein. To learn more about lactose intolerance: 1

If you are interested in trying Mike’s Mix but don’t want to commit to a whole order, I would be more than happy to send you a sample. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

Mike Lohre

8 Responses to Can Lactose Intolerant Individuals use Mike’s Mix Recovey Drink?

  1. sheri rapp

    due to lactose intolerance, i’d like to please try a sample of Mikes Mix , if i may.
    How do i go about getting one??

    • Mike

      Just email your address to requesting a sample and I will send a couple out.

  2. Michelle

    I just received Mike’s Mix last week and have to say I am not too pleased with it so far. I am lactose intolerant but did not think that I was so sensitive that I wouldn’t be able to use this product. I have used protein mixes in the past that have whey protein isolate and have been fine. I have used Mike’s Mix twice so far and both times I ended up with loose stools and abdominal cramping for the rest of the day. I will give it one more try just to make sure.

    • Mike

      Sorrry to hear that Mike’s Mix isn’t going to work for you. At this point I have received several requests from lactose intolerant individuals most of which have reported no ill effects after using Mike’s Mix. However, it is clear that some lactose intolerant individuals will have averse reactions to the recovery drink and first time users should request a sample before committing to an order.

  3. Not Michelle

    Would have been nice for Michelle to send her comments directly to Mike as the rest of us didn’t need to know her details… 🙁

  4. James

    Thanks for the note Mike, I just read an article about this stuff from another recovery drink company. I don’t know if I’m lactose intolerant or not, but I do get… “gassy” with some protein drinks. Do you know how this would compare to Endurox or Fluid? I’ve used these two before, both with pretty good results. Thanks.

    • Mike

      I am not familiar with the Fluid brand recovery drink, but I have used Endurox personally before starting Mike’s Mix. Mike’s Mix and Endurox are very similar in macronutrient content, both are high quality products consistent with the research on sports nutrition. I wouldn’t doubt if the manufacturers of Endurox received their whey protein from the same high quality source as Mike’s Mix (Agri-mark out of Vermont). If you had good results with Endurox than you will have similar results with Mike’s Mix, plus we have the advantage in being all-natural (no artificial flavors or sweeteners) at a better value. Hope this helps.
      Take Care,

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