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I started this journey without really understanding the extent of commitment one should make to the Ironman. I thought I could haphazardly train for it; spending more time on sports I enjoyed and consider it “cross training”. Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough if that theory will work for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself, things I probably knew already, but had not risen to my consciousness. I know that even though I am shy, I am a social athlete. My whole life I have played and excelled at team sports. This event is a solo event – many hours on the road, in the water, alone. I find that very challenging to force myself out to train alone. I know on the day, 2,499 other people will be “with” me, so that will be fun.

I’ve learned my body can do more than my mind thinks it can. I haven’t quite learned the skill to shut down my mind and go to a place of peace or acceptance. It feels like this distance is more mental than physical – but my goal is only to finish, I have no expectations. It will be my PR though!

The last few weeks I’m dedicating myself to do everything I can to get in the best position possible to have a good day. I’m refocusing on the three sports, the mental aspect and the nutritional aspect. I’ve got good people around me helping me, so my confidence is rising.

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