I Need Your Help Creating a Mike’s Mix Sports Drink

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Designing a New Product: Energy Drink


I have had numerous requests for new Mike’s Mix products. The most common of these requests are for an energy drink, which could also be termed a sports or hydration drink. I’m looking to move forward with this idea and wanted to keep my customer base updated with my progress. However and more importantly, I wanted to ask for your help and input in designing the drink.


My first order of business is researching sports drinks. Specifically, digging into pier reviewed articles on hydration and sports drinks and formulating the product based on my findings. Just like the recovery drink, I plan on including only that which has a research proven benefit to the athlete. The result could be two or three ingredients or 25, only time will tell.


I plan on offering this product in a powder form. Like the recovery drink, I will sell that powder in a bulk container or bag but additionally, I am hoping to produce a single serving package to be added to a water bottle or shaker.


Here’s where you can help. First, I would like to hear if you are excited by this product idea? Next, give me some input on flavoring. I will probably only offer the drink in one flavor to start, so what should it be? What ingredients should be included? I will have to answer some difficult and complicated questions in the formulation, such as: Should I include caffeine (much more on this at a later time)? How important is it to you that this be an all-natural product? Should I include additives for cosmetics (add color)? My vision is to design this product together so it most closely resembles what you, my customer base, wants. So please, provide me some feedback and let’s make the best sports drink on the market together.


Thanks in advance,



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  1. Cassandra

    I would say no matter what kind of energy drink I have, an orange or berry flavor will pretty much always taste good. Color additives (unless all natural) would be something I feel most athletes aren’t looking for.

    I would say taste, all natural ingredients, and a smidgen of caffeine could make for a really excellent drink.
    I’ve personally used Heed because of this in the past and have recently started using the Skratch labs mixes. Their lemon lime tastes terrible so if you can top that flavor, you’ve definitely found a new customer!

    I’m based in Madison and would love to purchase from a local producer, I’m sure many of the area athletes would greatly support your endeavor.

    p.s. A big thumbs up for single serve packets! It’s nice to be able to carry a few various flavors for those long days in the saddle!

  2. Serge

    Expand and conquer! It seems like you’d hit a larger audience with this; I, for one, don’t feel like I need a recovery drink for my few athletic endeavors – but I regularly drink sports drinks.

    Any flavor that I would associated with thirst quenching (mostly slightly sour flavors like lemon / lime) would be off the hook.

    And another thumbs up for single serve packets.

  3. Gino Andreozzi

    I love the idea of sports drinks from you guys.

    On my long trail runs I will usually use an electrolyte drink in a pack or belt Usually something like nuun. However there are times when getting some more carbs in is needed so a drink from you that fills that in would be awesome.

    I have always been a big fan of no color additives and as close to all %100 all natural/organic ingredients. I stay away from high sugars, 32g+ gatorade has always been way to high for the average athletes needs. If it will have an artificial sweetener, I would stick to stevia.

    Citrus flavors like lemon, orange, seem to taste best in natural sports drinks. Even Vanilla can taste great. Perhaps a B-vitamin complex with added folic, potassium gluconate, and low dose of vitamin E.

    Like cassandra I like individual packets, however during times where I am training bulk option is always best.

  4. Don

    I would like to see you make a good sports drink, one I can (like your recovery drink) TRUST. Flavor: Id like to see Fruit Punch, orange, or berry. Color: I wouldnt care if it were colorless. Ingredients: I havent studied enough to comment. All natural: YES as much as possible,

    Thanks Mike!!!

  5. Krhys

    I agree to make the sports drink natural as possible which would set it apart from other sports drinks that have the additives. I would not mind if it was colorless and the caffeine I think you should leave out.

  6. Mike

    The drink is formulated and tested. It’s delicious and I think people are really going to dig it. We went with a lemon flavor and kept the drink all-natural. We elected to keep the caffeine out and also any coloring. We now have to make the labels and get containers, but you can expect the drink in production in the next month or so.


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