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Included in both the 4-pound tub and 8-pound bag of Mike’s Mix is a clear plastic scooper. Sometimes the scooper becomes buried in shipping and you may have to take some time to look for it within the product. Three heaping scoops of Mike’s Mix is the suggested serving size of 100 grams. If you lose the scooper this amount is equivalent to about 2/3 of a cup.

Add water, milk, or juice to your Mike’s Mix serving in a container with a well secured water-tight lid, then shake contents for a few seconds or until all powder is dissolved.  The addition of about 2 cups of liquid is a good place to start but the goal is to optimize taste and some experimentation will probably be required based on individual preference.  Another very tasty option for Mike’s Mix is incorporation into a blender made smoothie, using frozen or fresh fruit, yogurt or ice cream.   Note:  Water dissolves more quickly than milk or juice and therefore may be easier on the stomach and more quickly absorbed when mixing Mike’s Mix. 

Drink!  Sipping your Mike’s Mix slowly over a 15-30 minute time frame will optimize absorption.  Make sure that you are also sipping at least a quart of cool water in addition to your Mike’s Mix, this will aid tremendously in your recovery.  Remember that your recovery is not complete after your Mike’s Mix.  Plan on eating another high carbohydrate meal two hours post-workout and continue to sip water.  If quality food is not available another Mike’s Mix will always do in a pinch.  Enjoy!

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  1. Chuck

    Just linked to your site from my blog! Gave my readers a heads up that I will be giving away some Recovery Mix sometime soon! Can’t wait to get mine!

  2. Carson

    I am doing p90x and I am looking for a recovery drink for after the workouts. Mike’s mix seems like a better option because it is less expensive and I’ve seen good reviews on it, but before I order, how many servings are in the container? If I used the recommended 3 scoops, how many days would it last?

    • Mike

      There are 18 servings in the container and 36 servings in the bag.

  3. Far Infrared Saunas

    This is THE best recovery drink I’ve ever used in my life! I plan on sending the word out to my newsletter subscribers about P90X and MIke’s Mix and how they are the perfect marriage of life altering life style changes that we all should consider. With balanced nutrient rich whole foods and exercise; the right recovery drink will make all the difference in your results and overall health, feeling, and mental being. Use of far infrared saunas is part of this amazing healing and recovery process when doing intense workouts such as the P90X routines. And it’s also been proven that only FIR saunas and or strenuous exercise can produce the type of deep tissue fat melting burn that produces the sweat needed for detoxing our bodies from the harmful environment we live in.

    Mike’s Mix is 100% innovative awesome at the perfect time we’ve all been needing a vast improvement to recovery products for those of us that are into healthy living and exercise.

  4. Kernst

    Is there a scoop in the container? I dug around a bit and couldn’t find one (maybe I didn’t dig deep enough). I do have scoops from my protein shake containers but I don’t know if they’re the same…. If Mike’s mix (original flavor) doesn’t come with a scoop, how much does a scoop hold?

    • Mike

      There should be a scoop in every container and bag. However, in the process of shipping the scoops may settle to the bottom of the product. I suggest taking a butter knife and stirring the mix around to pop it up. Having said that, I have forgotten to put a scoop in a time or two and I apologize in advance if you were one of the unlucky ones. A serving is approximately 2/3 of a cup if this happens. A level scoop holds around 25 grams of product, a heaping scoop holds 33 grams.

  5. Greg

    I’ve tried Mike’s recovery drink mix for the last two days (since I started P90X). Tastes great, dissolves fairly quickly and it’s a very filling post-workout drink. I mix it with either fruits and some ice in a blender, or almond milk (vanilla flavor is nice). Thanks for a great, healthy product!

  6. Javier

    Hello Mike,

    You said “Sipping your Mike’s Mix slowly over a 15-30 minute time frame will optimize absorption” and I was wondering if this means that I should drink it slowly taking 15 to 30 minutes to finish it and alternating sips of Mike´s Mix and water?

    Great product by the way!!

    Best Regards

    • Mike

      Drinking your Mike’s Mix slowly not only optimizes absorption but is also easier on your stomach. The nature of your workout will determine how much water you should be drinking. Athletes finishing long workouts with copious sweat loss should prioritize sipping water. Yes, you should be sipping water while drinking your Mike’s Mix especially if you lost a lot of fluid during your workout.

  7. Rick

    I am loving Mike’s Mix. The amount of energy I have the next day is amazing and my workouts are that much more productive. I am going to have to adjust the intensity of my workouts for the following week ’cause this week was a breeze 🙂

    There is one thing I have wondering lately. After I finish my workout, I change and shower at the gym then ride my bicycle to work a few minutes away. I keep my Mix at work so it can be 15 to 30 minutes or more before I get a chance to prepare and drink M2. How important is it to drink the mix immediately after my workout? What am I missing out on?

    • Mike

      Nutrient timing is an important consideration in sports nutrition and is most crucial immediately after a workout. However, “immediately after a workout” is a rather ambiguous statement, that is somewhat difficult to quantify. Most research on nutritional timing has looked at glycogen replenishment comparing administration of nutrition immediately after a workout to 2 hours post-workout. Obviously there is a large time frame between these extremes. I have seen recommendations from researchers of sports nutrition suggest the ideal window for consumption of a recovery formula should occur 30 to 45 minutes post workout. Therefore, your 15 to 30 minute delay in consuming your Mike’s Mix should not reduce the effectiveness of the product. Furthermore, your bicycle ride back to work is physiologically still part of your workout (cool down) and most of your musculature will stay in a working metabolic state until you get off your bike.

      Burke and Ivy are the two authorities on nutrient timing and the following paper is a very informative summary on what they and their colleagues have learned about nutrient timing and sports nutrition: http://www.sportsnutritionworkshop.com/Files/38.SPNT.pdf

  8. Tracie

    My husband and I are using Mike’s Mix together after our P90X workouts, running and cycling. I found it while searching Amazon for a heathy, cost effective drink. I read nothing but great reviews and decided to give it a try….so glad we did! It tastes great and helps greatly after a tough workout.
    Thanks Mike’s Mix

    • Mike

      Thanks for the kind words Tracie. I’m glad you were able to find the website.

  9. Jack

    Is there any issue with adding water to the mix 1 or 2 hours before consumption? I sometimes add water and ice before I go to the trail for a long workout; so it sits for a while for I drink.


    • Mike

      Hello Jack, there is no reason at all not to pre mix your Mike’s Mix – Thanks

  10. Judy

    I did”t know the calories were so high. Should I consider this a meal replacement? I usually spend 2 hours at the gym, lifting and cardio then a couple hours later meet with my son and his wife, do the P90, have the Mix then we all enjoy preparing and eating a healthy meal. I have noticed weight gain since drinking the Mix. Got my first order of the mix today was surprised at the calorie count. I’m 60 yrs. old , 5.7 and 140 lbs. and consider myself in excellent shape but I don”t want to gain weight. Should I decrease the scoops or omit dinner? It”s only been one week of adding the P90 and Mike”s Mix to my reg. hard routine but I”ve gained 3 to4 lbs.

    • Mike

      Hello Judy, Total number of calories at the end of the day will determine whether you lose or gain weight. However, you are working out 3 hours a day and if you are eating healthy meals consisting of mostly whole foods, putting on bodyfat should not be an issue for you. I suspect that with your high workout volume you were chronically short on carbohydrates and your glycogen (stored muscle sugar) levels were low. There is no way you gained 3 to 4 lbs of fat in a week especially while starting P90X. I would bet that when you started taking Mike’s Mix it did what it was designed to and replenished your chronically low glycogen stpres (largest element of recovery). However, glycogen which is stored in the muscle, requires 2.7 grams of water to be stored with each gram of glycogen to maintain homeostatis. Restoration of depleted glycogen can instantly add a pound or two (even 3 or 4) to your weight. This weight is made of stored energy and water which both can be utilized for exercise, so this is far from a bad thing. The opposite happens when you start a low carbohydrate diet. Within the first week people experience a quick drop in bodyweight which consists mostly of water and glycogen. This is great if you get excited about watching your weight decrease, but it won’t change how you look and you leave you completely unprepared for athletic activity. An important question to ask yourself is how do you feel? Is the answer fresh and strong? What I would suggest doing is to maintain your current routine for a couple of weeks and see if your weight stabilizes. If so this is your weight properly nourished. The other suggestion I would make is to have your body composition tested and rely on this more than your weight to measure your progress. Have your body composition tested with calipers (any gym will have a trainer who can do this for you) or under water weighing (university). What you would like to see happen with P90X and proper nutrition is an increase in muscle mass and decrease in bodyfat. Lastly, I would never suggest to skip meals or use Mike’s Mix as a meal replacement. If your P90X workout is less than an hour and you are trying to lose bodyfat a 2 level scoop serving (191 calories) should be sufficient if you are eating whole foods shortly after. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

  11. Margarita

    I have had the P90X workout since last July 2010. I started and had to take at least 1-2 days break because I was so sore and eventually stopped doing P90X all together ( I did not use any recovery drinks or supplements). Finally, I ordered Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink and couldn’t believe how my body bounced back from Tony’s intense workout! I love Mike’s mix and would never even think about working out with out it! Take it from someone who is just a beginner in fitness and now I can’t wait to do my workout. Thank you Mike for a great product and reasonable prices! I am proud to say that I dropped 25 lbs of body fat and on my way to a healthier, leaner, toned and more muscular me! I could not have done this without your remarkable recovery drink! I know this because I already tried it without it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    ps: just ordered my 8 lb re-order


    • Mike

      Wow, that made my day! Congratulations on the weight loss. Losing 25 lbs of bodyfat is an outstanding accomplishment, you should be proud. Keep up the good work.


  12. steve

    Hi Mike

    I work out at an odd time and its all about fitting my meals in at the right time. I workout at 11.30 until 12.30 or1pm
    ( just started p90x yesterday ) so my question is this,. it says to wait two hours post work out before eating a meal, I dont want to miss my lunch so if I take two scoops of mikes mix instead of three am I loosing out? and how long before the last drop of mikes mix goes down can I tuck into my healthy lunch. Maybe I’ll have to bag it and then eat later on but then that will push my mid afternoon snack doh!
    sorry if this is a daft question I am a newbie to eating six small meals a day so finding it hard to schedule it in with my odd workout hour. I do want to make sure I get in whole foods not just shakes etc. I am guessing a good balance
    is three or four meals and two replacement drinks.

    I feel fitter already just reading all the above comments:)

    looking fwd to my first taste of mikes mix today!!



    • Mike

      Hello Steve, I’m not sure why you were advised to wait two hours post work out before eating a meal. A steady flow of calories after your workout is ideal for complete recovery. Mike’s Mix is a good start after your workout, but you have to keep eating small frequent meals rich in whole foods containing carbohydrate and protein to fully recover and respond to your workouts.

      If you’re trying to lose bodyfat and your workout is an hour or less, I would suggest taking two over-flowing scoops of Mike’s Mix (255 calories). Mike’s Mix digests quickly, and 15 minutes after finishing Mike’s Mix you could eat your meal. In the long run, you should eat depending on how you feel. If you are hungry (I often am) half an hour after completing your Mike’s Mix than you should eat then. Your body is very good about telling you when your blood sugar starts to drop if you listen to it and this becomes the time to eat again. If you keep up a routine and make small changes to it as time goes along you will develop a pattern over a few months that should become routine and natural.

      You should try to eat frequent small meals throughout the day, but I assure you there is nothing magical about the number six. If it turns out to be four or even ten as long as your total macronutrients (calories) at the end of the day are the same, you will achieve the same results. You just have to find what works for you and make every effort to stick with natural whole foods. These foods are high in nutrients, relatively low in calories and will leave you satiated. Meal replacement drinks work in a pinch, but I would try to avoid them over real food when allowable. Your long-term success will be determined by how mindful you are of your diet and it is a good habitat to prepare good food and keep it with you for meals and snacks. I find that my clients that rely on meal replacement bars and shakes have more trouble developing mindful eating habitats and continue to struggle with their diets. So again I would suggest using them in a pinch, but try not to rely on them.

      Hope this helps, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask. You may always email me directly at mike@mikesmixture.com.

      Take Care,

  13. Brian R

    Just ordered 4lbs of the chocolate recovery drink. I have had the original flavor and loved it, but I had to try the chocolate one this time around. I’m using the recovery drink after Insanity (which is the toughest workout I have ever done!!). As far as serving size, how many scoops would you recommend taking.
    Thanks and keep the new products coming!!!

    • Mike

      Hello Brian,
      Thanks for your continued business, you will have to let me know how you like the chocolate. I receive questions on serving size every day now, it is about time I write a post to address this. However, I am often slow to post and I wanted to get you an answer sooner rather than later. Mike’s Mix was originally designed for long distance endurance athletes. The composition of the formula is also ideal for recovering from a general fitness/ strength training workout, but the serving size can be modified. The 3 scoop serving size is ideal for a bout of exercise that would almost completely deplete glycogen supply. If the workout is intense enough this can be done in as little as 20 minutes, but could be closer to two hours for a cardio event. Under such conditions I advise taking 100 grams of Mike’s Mix (a three overflowing scoop serving 382 calories) followed by a small carbohydrate meal sometime before two hours post workout. You could just take in two Mike’s Mixes over two hours, but a person might get a little sick of recovery drinks if they fell into this practice (I know I would).

      Many of my customers are now doing P90X and trying to lose weight. Their nutritional concerns need to balance their weight loss efforts which comes down to fewer calories at the end of the day, and for these folks I have been recommending a smaller serving size. If you are trying to lose weight and your workouts average an hour or a bit more I would suggest a three level scoop serving. This will come out to 75 grams and 286 calories. If your workouts are less than an hour a 2 over-flowing scoop serving will suffice at 255 calories. Eat a meal with whole foods containing carbohydrate within that 2 hour window post workout and your nutrition will be sound to facilitate recovery. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask and good luck with your training.

      Take Care,

  14. lana

    Good stuff, Mike! Great stuff!

    I do have a question about intake, though – similiar to Javier’s aoove (March 8). I know these types of drinks are meant to be sipped slowly, but yours tastes so good that I end up guzzling it in a couple of gulps. I haven’t noticed any decrease in effectiveness, but should I work on more purposely drink it slower? As Javier asked, should I drink plain water between sips until I’ve consumed the mix + the additional quart of water? A friend suggested guzzling the water first and then slowly drinking the mix. Any thoughts?

    • Mike

      Hey Lana,

      The main reason I suggest to sip Mike’s Mix slowly after a workout is fear of gastric upset. If your stomach can handle it quickly, then guzzle away. Consuming water after a workout is important, but how important depends on the type and duration of workout completed. If you just got done running two hours in hot conditions, then I would put a priority on sipping water before you take your recovery drink. A strength training workout an hour in duration with little sweat loss doesn’t demand the same neccesity to rehydrate. Your the best judge in determing your hydration level after a workout. A basic suggestion would be to drink the water first after cardio workouts and either during or after the recovery drink with strength training.

  15. Shari

    Hi Mike – My husband and I just ordered some Mike’s Mix to try as a post-workout recovery. We are doing Power 90 Masters so the workouts are around 50 minutes. We both have a little weight to lose (I have about 5-10lbs to lose and my husband has about 10-15lbs to lose) but mostly are concerned with recovery and toning up. The problem is, we have 4 kids and we workout at night after they go to bed. So about 9pm-10pm, and we are in bed by 11pm at the latest. Is it ok to drink the recovery drink and go to bed shortly thereafter? If so, how many scoops should we each use? I currently weigh 124 and my husband weighs 167. Thanks for your help!

    • Mike

      I just finished writing a post regarding serving size: http://mikesmixrecoverydrink.com/serving-size-recommendations-recovery-drink/. With busy schedules you have to make do with the time that you have and it sounds like you folks are making the best of it. As long as you are drinking the mix shortly after your workout there is no concern with drinking it before bed. Your metabolism will be going strong for a couple of hours after your workout no matter when you do it. I would suggest taking two level scoops of Mike’s Mix after your workouts. Again please refer to the above post for a detailed explanation.

  16. Cameron

    I am considering purchasing the recovery drink but i already have a protein shake i currently use. Is the recovery drink meant only for post workout or can it be a replacement for a protein shake and taken multiple times per day?

    • Mike

      Hello Cameron, Thanks for your interest in Mike’s Mix. The recovery drink is only appropriate for immediately after a workout, it shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement or a pre-workout drink. The constituents of these shakes differ significantly and are not interchangeable. However, if you have been taking just a pure protein shake after your workout and convert to Mike’s Mix, you will see a dramatic difference in your recovery.

  17. Jay

    Where can I buy this? I’m in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada & so far no one stocks this!

    • Mike

      Hello Jay, I’m afraid that Mike’s Mix does not have a Canadian distributor. However, I would be happy to ship you an order. If you email me your address and the amount of Mike’s Mix you would like to order I will send you a shipping quote.


  18. Jay

    Also another real quick question, I’m a skinny guy whose just starting out on a quest to make gains. Will this help or make me smaller?


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