P90X meets Survivor: A reboot for your workout

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Looking for some motivation or inspiration to keep your workouts fresh? Take a look at what Mike’s Mix customer, Eric and his girlfriend Annie put together for themselves.


P90X/Survivor Challenge!

One of the biggest issues Annie and I faced when we tackled the Insanity program was staying motivated. After 60 days of only 4 or 5 different workouts to look forward to during each Phase, I was finding it harder and harder to stay engaged with the repetition. Once the novelty wore off, we were faced with several more weeks of the same old. Motivation is the key to any successful workout program, especially when undertaking something as demanding as Insanity.

I’ve said it before; physical fitness is a life long journey. But sometimes the pursuit of fitness alone isn’t enough to keep you pushing towards your goals. Routines can get stale and people can get fed up with feeling the “work” in every workout.

That Ends Today!!!

There is an old saying that “variety is the spice of life,” and our workouts should be no exception. After struggling to overcome the repetitive nature of Insanity, I decided to take a whole new approach for the P90X extreme home fitness program. I wanted to create something engaging and fun, a regiment that felt less like a workout, and more like a game.

Introducing: the P90X/Survivor Challenge, an exercise program with a fresh new twist. I’ve attempted to P90X challenge two times before. And each time I failed was because I lost my motivation somewhere around the second month. Third times the charm, I have no intention of letting this third try get the best of me. 

I brought everything over that worked with Insanity and adjusted everything that didn’t work, and applied it to this program. Survivor is one of Annie’s favorite television shows, so I combined some of its elements into the extreme home fitness program P90X to make it fun and exciting. My program was designed with one specific goal in mind.

Interested in adopting this program for yourself or just want to follow his progress? You can visit Eric’s blog to learn more: P90X/Survivor challenge.

2 Responses to P90X meets Survivor: A reboot for your workout

  1. Robert Eric Wagner

    Thanks for the support Mike and Melissa! Two weeks in and still going strong! Thanks to your product, I am coming back each time feeling stronger and more capable.

  2. Lisa Smith Wagner

    What a great idea Eric! I’m going to try Mike’s recovery drink next time I run.


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