Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Fitness Challenge – Win Mike’s Mix: Exercise #1 One-legged Pistol Squat on Ball

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Click here to see one-footed pistol squat on ball

Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink fitness challenge is an opportunity to test oneself with a series of very difficult exercises that require balance, strength, agility, and flexibility.  Although performing these exercises requires a great amount of athleticism, with enough focused training and time, a healthy individual should be able to master them. Exercises will involve only the use of bodyweight for resistance and require little or no additional equipment.

 Your opportunity to earn Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink!  The first male and female to perform the challenge exercise in good form will receive a free 4lb container of Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink in the flavor of their choice.   Participants must document their performance with either a series of pictures or a video.  In your picture please hold a Mike’s Mix container or simply write Mike’s Mix on a piece of paper to assure authenticity.  Email documentation to mike@mikesmixture.com.  When someone repeats an exercise and has been awarded their Mike’s Mix it will be clearly posted on our Facebook page and this website.   Keep practicing.  It may take a long time for some of the exercises to be repeated – they’re hard!

All exercises will include video and instruction along with a series of progression exercises to help build strength and develop the skill set necessary to perform each challenge.  Everyone is encouraged to participate. Even if you never master the challenge exercise you will build athleticism devoting time to the progression exercises.

 Disclaimer:  These exercises are very difficult and you should use extreme caution when attempting them.  Always have spotters to assist you and never attempt anything you feel is outside of your abilities.  Keep in mind that serious injury is possible when exercising.  I, Michael Lohre and Mike’s Mix LLC assume no liability if you injure yourself when practicing or performing these exercises.  In fact, I discourage you from trying these exercises or even thinking about them: They are dangerous!  It is much safer to lie in bed, flip through channels and watch trained professionals exercise.

 Fitness Challenge Exercise # 1:  One-footed pistol squat standing on a ball.

The first exercise is a peach and may prove to be one of the hardest challenges.  It’s actually a combination of two skills, both of which take a high degree of athleticism and a lot of practice to perform.  You can use any ball, but a firm ball about a foot in diameter (like the medicine ball I am using in the video or a basketball) is ideal for one-footed balance exercises.  Please use extreme caution when standing on balls.  Use spotters and make sure you practice on a cushioned surface in an open area.

Progression Exercises:  For this exercise, you must first develop enough strength, flexibility and balance to perform a standing one-footed squat.

1.  One-footed standing balance on floor.  Practice one-footed stands alternating feet every 30 seconds with shoes off.  Attempt to work these with your eyes closed after you can do them effortlessly with eyes open.

2.  Partial one-footed squats to chair.  Start with a relatively high chair and find lower and lower surfaces to sit on as you build leg strength.  Descend slowly onto the chair, lightly touching your glutes without losing balance.  Ascend slowly back to a standing position.  Work 2 sets of 4 to 10 reps

3.  Downward facing dog.  A yoga pose that will help you build the flexibility needed in your calves at the bottom of the one footed squat.

4.  One footed squat.  Complete this on either a small step or on the floor depending on flexibility.

Half way there!  Now, you must further work balance.

5.  Two-footed ball stand.  Begin practicing this exercise with assistance (holding onto a spotter).  This exercise may seem very difficult at first but with some practice it becomes much easier.  Use a variety of balls (basketballs to Swiss balls) for additional practice.  Also, the harder the surface the ball is placed the more difficult the exercise becomes.  Start on very soft carpet, pads, or grass and progress to a wood floor.

6.  Two-footed squat on ball.  Sink the squat to rock bottom and practice maintaining balance through the whole range of motion.  Again use a variety of balls and surfaces to master this exercise.

7.  One-footed ball stand.  I believe it is much easier to perform this exercise without shoes.  Again have a spotter assist you.  Notice how my foot is wrapped around the ball.

That’s it.  Have a spotter assist you and work on putting the pistol on a ball together. You will notice that I performed the challenge exercise on hard dirt.  Performing the exercise on level dirt, a carpeted surface, or firm mats (like in a climbing gym) will make the exercise a bit easier and also safer.  If submitting photos for the contest, please make sure that your ball rolls easily across the surface.  Thick grass or super padded carpet or mats is cheating.  Extra points if you can do it on a hard surface such as a wood floor (I haven’t been able to yet).  Best of luck!

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  1. Lennart

    Thanks for the progressions! I love pistols and ball squats so this must be the ultimate exercise for me!

    • Mike

      No problem Lennart, keep me posted on your progress, I would love to send somebody some Mike’s Mix for repeating this.


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