It’s the Most Laziest Time of the Year!

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Yup, Happy Holidays!  The time between Thanksgiving and the New Year; health clubs are barren and running shoes and home workout equipment collect dust.  The weather turns colder, days are shorter, and cravings for sweet deserts reach an all-time high.  It is usually only at the New Year that people sober from this holiday lethargy and realize they are out of shape and 10 pounds heavier. 

There are three weeks left before 2012 and for most, these weeks will be the least active with the highest caloric intake of the year.  Personally, I worked extremely hard in 2011 to improve my diet and fitness and consequently was able to shed a few unwanted pounds.  I’m sure that many of you have done the same.  After Thanksgiving I noticed that I have slipped from my mindful eating and my weight is moving in the wrong direction and realized that I’m not OK with this. 

The onset of winter and the holidays should be a time for slowing down, reflection, and enjoying peaceful nights at home with family.  However, this doesn’t need to equate to the cessation of workouts or unhealthy eating.  I’ve decided to make my resolution before New Years, and avoid losing hard earned ground.  I’m back on track and will continue to hit my workouts hard and keep the junk off my dinner plate!  Who’s with me?

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  1. Dennis

    You’re talking about breaking lifelong habits! Delicious, fatty, sugary food and the holidays seem to be so much a part of each other. As is gaining weight and then resolving to lose weight!

  2. Amy

    Count me in!!


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