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We are really excited to introduce to you our newest product:

Protein First Recovery Drink

You asked for it, here it is; a recovery drink designed for strength, power and fitness workouts. If the goal of your training is to reduce body fat and/or increase muscle mass, then Protein First is the recovery drink for you.

Protein First’s main ingredient is a high quality, gently processed whey protein concentrate. It’s the same great tasting, easily mixing whey, obtained from local co-op farmers that we currently sell in a pure form (Mike’s Mix Whey Protein). Whey protein is superior to other proteins post-workout as it is rapidly absorbed and has an excellent amino acid profile ideal for muscle growth and repair.

The ratio of protein to carbohydrate in Protein First Recovery Drink is (1:2), which is significantly higher than other recovery drinks designed for endurance athletes.

Don’t forget the carbs!

A post-workout meal that omits carbohydrates is not ideal for any athlete. Protein First Recovery Drink provides sufficient, quickly digesting carbohydrates to promote recovery from strength training by replenishing glycogen, lowering cortisol and producing a favorable insulin response. The carbohydrates in Protein First will not exceed post-workout recovery needs nor spoil a low-carbohydrate diet.

Like every Mike’s Mix product, Protein First Recovery Drink has a simple and effective formula. However, with Protein First we made a special effort to use a diversity of real foods to produce a powerful, post-workout meal.

Protein First is made from milk, beets, sweet potatoes, tapioca, honey, molasses and cocoa.

The combination of these ingredients not only makes for a potent recovery formula, but the flavor is unique and enjoyable. Additionally, there are no artificial colorings, preservatives, sweeteners or harmful additives in Protein First.

This product is free of gluten, wheat, corn, and any other GMO grain.

Save a few bucks and purchase Protein First directly from us or from Amazon. Please make sure to give us some feedback with a review, either on our site or at Amazon. Hope you enjoy!

Mike and Melissa

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