Recovery Drink Fruit Smoothie

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Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Smoothies

There’s really nothing more enjoyable than an ice cold Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink fruit smoothie after a hard workout. Original Mike’s Mix enhances the flavor of any frozen fruit and provides a sweet creamy base that blends up to the perfect ice cream like consistency. With limitless flavor options and awesome recuperation benefits, an all-natural Mike’s Mix smoothie is hard to beat and easy to mix up.

Although Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink by itself contains the ideal nutrients to recover from strenuous exercise, adding fruit to form a smoothie has additional benefits:

1. Smoothies are delicious and the flavor combinations are only limited by imagination.

2. Consuming a diet rich in fresh whole foods is the best and only way to assure you are consuming the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber necessary for peak performance. A fruit or vegetable smoothie is a fantastic and easy way to consume several servings of whole foods daily.

3. Smoothies are cold and a great way to refresh in the summer heat.


Making a Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Smoothie is easy:

1. Simply purchase bags of frozen fruit (berries, mango, pineapple, etc) from your grocer. I prefer frozen fruit over fresh fruit because: it is less expensive; more nutritious (supermarket fresh fruit is often picked before ripened and loses nutrients while being stored and shipped – especially vitamin C); makes colder smoothies; and contains less pesticides and preservatives. However, choosing organic fruits, especially berries, is the best way to keep pesticides out of your diet.

2. Combine a serving or two of fruit with a serving of Mike’s Mix and a small amount of water or milk, mix in blender until a creamy homogenous mixture results.

3. Drink and enjoy!

Check out the many smoothie recipes that Mike and his customers have formulated. Even better, contribute your own idea to the database.

Mike’s Mix original flavor recovery drink is all-natural and contains no flavors, colors, additives, or preservatives. Exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

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