Melissa’s Mix: A Recovery Drink for Women

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Over the last four decades research has established a gender based difference in the physiological response to exercise with more recent efforts examining post-exercise, gender-specific recovery. Findings indicate that as far as post-workout nutritional strategies are concerned there doesn’t appear to be a difference between male and female needs:1  Like men, women should focus on the consumption of carbohydrate and protein as soon as possible after exercise to maximize replenishment of muscle glycogen stores and provide amino acids for muscle repair.

So Why Offer a Recovery Drink for Women?

Although the specific nutrients required to maximize recovery may not differ specifically for a women, the amounts of these nutrients based on fitness goals, workout type and body mass should. Furthermore, as a group, women tend to have different nutritional priorities, tastes and preferences.

What makes Melissa’s Mix Recovery Drink Different from Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink?

  • The recommended serving size for Melissa’s Mix is specific for a woman recovering from an intense workout with a goal of toning and weight loss. As you may imagine, an ideal serving size for a small framed mother of two will differ considerably from the college football player trying to bulk up. At a reduced calorie load, Melissa’s Mix won’t sabotage your diet efforts!
  • As a group, women are more prudent than men when consuming supplements and prefer a simple product they aren’t afraid to ingest. Like other Mike’s Mix products, Melissa’s Mix is all-natural but additionally it contains 30% organic ingredients. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives, just functional food ingredients relative to recovery.
  • When Melissa, co-founder of Mike’s Mix, got the idea for a recovery drink for women, we polled our female customers regarding expectations of a recovery drink. The unanimous response; they wanted a beverage they found enjoyable and certainly didn’t have to hold their noses to drink. Although the Mike’s Mix recovery drinks are all tasty, the Melissa’s Mix choices are filled with flavor. The Chocolate Brownie is rich and robust and the Tangerine Cream is light and sweet.
  • There is no crystalline fructose in Melissa’s Mix Recovery Drinks. The use of fructose based sweeteners is ubiquitous in the American food industry. Overeating of these sweeteners, and other processed carbohydrates, has contributed to our country’s obesity epidemic and other chronic health concerns. Consequently, many consumers are attempting to eliminate products containing fructose from their diets altogether. Although Mike’s Mix only uses a small amount of crystalline fructose, which serves a functional role in replenishing liver glycogen, it was still a concern for many customers (predominately women). Melissa’s Mix now offers an option for those avoiding fructose. The organic cane in Melissa’s Mix dissociates into a molecule of glucose and a molecule of fructose upon digestion, so functionally, fructose is still provided for hepatic glycogen formation.

Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink vs Melissa’s Mix Recovery Drink

Functionally, Melissa’s Mix Recovery Drink and Mike’s Mix Recovery Drinks are nearly identical. Both male and female customers may drink either product safely and effectively. Regardless of which product you are using your serving size should fit your goals, gender and workout duration. Check out the following post to customize your serving size for either product: 2

It is our hope that with the variety of products Mike’s Mix now offers, customers may find a recovery drink that fits their needs, preferences and tastes. Have an idea for a product you would like to see? Contact us and let us know!

Melissa at the completion of her Dances with Dirt Marathon.

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