51 Year Old Skateboarder Catches Some Air

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Jim skateboarding at 51!


We are all getting older, how should we behave?

I recently had a birthday.  For those of you who forgot shame on you!  As I rapidly approach 40, I, like many my age, are a bit melancholy about losing our youth.  I’m certainly still a kid at heart and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.  However, as I lose the hair on top of my head and that which remains begins to gray, I can’t deny that the aging process is occurring.  I’ve contemplated what it is I fear about aging and realized that I don’t know if I can live without the physical frolic that I enjoy so much in life; the running, jumping, and of course climbing that bring joy to my existence.  So it was with great pleasure that I received the following email from a new customer:

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the great product!  It’s truly amazing that you could get both great taste and performance.  I’m using it to get back in shape for skateboarding.  I started up again last July after a 31 year lay off on my 51st birthday.  I don’t remember it being so hard physically so I’m training like a triathlete to fly out of empty swimming pools, etc.  Here’s some ancient and recent photos you might get a kick out of.  I don’t know if you have too many AARP eligible skateboarding customers!    
  You can be certain that I’m telling all my friends to buy your product!!!

Jim at 16

Many Thanks,

Certainly skateboarding is the epitome of punk kid sports and the fact that Jim, at 51, is pulling the same tricks he did when he was a teen made me realize that the physical changes we experience with aging really only limit our activities to the degree that we allow them to.  Through physical activity we can keep healthy, athletic and lean bodies and what we choose to do with them is nearly limitless. Social and mental restrictions are perhaps the largest hurdles keeping us from acting like a kid (everyone knows 50 year olds shouldn’t be riding skateboards in empty swimming pools).  So, like Jim, I’m going to make sure that I don’t allow stereotypes to ever keep me from the activities I love.  In fact, as soon as the snow is off the driveway I’m going to dust off my BMX bike.

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  1. Jim

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the nice article but I want people to know that there’s nothing unique about my return to skating. It’s special to me because I’d given it up for dead eons ago. But just in San Jose, CA. I’ve found dozens of friends from the 70’s still vert skating! I don’t mean casual skating but 110% ripping. They’re skating with broken ribs, broken wrists, torn rotator cuffs, etc. and still out there several times a week. It’s insane. Everybody is still as passionate as they were three decades ago only we all need reading glasses now.

    But your point is very valid. Who’s to say when you’re too “old” to do something. I agree, I think it’s mostly societal pressure that keep us from acting like a “kid”. Get out there! My past 30 years have flown by in a matter of minutes. The next 30 will go by in seconds. Nobody goes to their deathbed saying they wished they spent more time online. Speaking of which, I’m out of here. It’s sunny and my AARP friends are waiting at the skatepark!



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