Featured Athlete Friday #5, Slacker Andy Lewis

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Welcome to Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink’s Featured Athlete Friday!
Get ready to be amazed and inspired by the human potential for athleticism! Each Friday Mike will post a video that demonstrates super-human displays of strength, flexibility, power, speed and agility that won’t fail to make your jaw drop. These videos are meant to help you push your limits and get you psyched to go out and do something truly awesome for the weekend.
This weeks featured athlete is Andy Lewis, a professional slacker.  Andy lives a hobo-like existence with most of his time spent doing extremely dangerous things in the deserts of the southwest.  Andy, also referred to as “Sketchy Andy”, is best known for his athletic ability on a slackline, which is a taught piece of webbing that one walks across very similar to a circus tight-rope.  However, Andy is not only proficient at walking the slackline, but has honed his skills to the point where he can do series of dynamic tricks which include a wide assortment of aerial tricks!  Although the name Andy Lewis and the sport of slacklining may be new to most of you, there is a good chance that if you watched this years Superbowl you saw him perform.  Even though Andy wore a white toga, in my humble opinion, his presence salvaged the Madonna half-time show.

Watch Andy in Action

Besides his aerial maneuvers on the slackline Mr. Lewis has solidly earned his nickname of Sketchy Andy accomplishing some scary, bordering on insane, highline walks and base jumps.

Highline is a very long line suspended between two points, which are usually desert towers.  Andy’s unmatched balance and cool head have allowed him to accomplish the longest, hardest, and headiest highline walks.

Watch Andy on a Highline

Not sketchy enough?  Oh it gets worse, much worse.  Sometimes Andy forgets his safety line and even his clothes (the next clip is for a mature audience with a strong stomach):

Watch Andy Totally Sketched

Andy is also fond of the sketchy base jump.  Don’t worry, he is fully clothed in this one.  Have a great weekend!

Watch Andy Base Jump

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