New Mike’s Mix T-shirts!

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We’ve got new Mike’s Mix t-shirts and they are awesome!

Sabbath Mike's Mix (1024x681)

The Mike’s Mix family


Light weight and stylish, our new blended fabric t-shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes for men and women.

Audrey wearing the navy, women's (size small)

Audrey wearing the navy, women’s (size small)


Back of the t-shirts

Back of the t-shirts










Be the envy of all your friends and family and order a shirt today while we still have your size. Only $9.99!


Our good friend Ben (Fuzzy) is an artist and graphic designer who creates all the shirts and posters for our local climbing competitions. Fuzzy is a creative fellow and I have been a fan of his unique designs for some time, so when it came time to work on new Mike’s Mix shirts, I knew just the man to ask for help. Initially, Fuzzy drew at least a dozen different, very cool concepts for the shirts but both Melissa and I were drawn to the Wisconsin outline.

20141201_212229 (2) (1024x576)

Designs for Mike’s Mix t-shirts


That star in the design is the town of Mazomanie, where Melissa and I reside and is also the home of Mike’s Mix facility. We’re pretty proud of our small town roots, and we’re really psyched that we could express this as part of our brand. Not from Wisconsin? It’s a cool state!

The chosen design

The chosen design

 I had the opportunity to visit Fuzzy hard at work at Screen Door Studio in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Fuzzy working on the Mike's Mix shirt

Fuzzy working on the Mike’s Mix shirt

Not only did the building that housed Screen Door Studio look much like our Mike’s Mix facility, but the small, friendly, eclectic shop shares many other similarities to the Mike’s Mix business. It’s great doing business with other small like-minded business.  If you need some shirts made, I strongly endorse Fuzzy and Screen Door; great prices, people and products.

20150429_154637 (1024x576)

Screen Door Studio, Madison, WI



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