Iced Coffee Recovery Drink

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Want a caffeine boost with your post-workout meal? Use any chocolate or vanilla Mike’s Mix recovery drink in the following easy recipe and get all the protein and carbohydrate to assure you are recovered for your next workout while enjoying the delicious, ice-cold energy boosting taste of an iced Mocha.     Don’t care for chocolate? […]


High Protein Recovery Drink

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  We are really excited to introduce to you our newest product: Protein First Recovery Drink You asked for it, here it is; a recovery drink designed for strength, power and fitness workouts. If the goal of your training is to reduce body fat and/or increase muscle mass, then Protein First is the recovery drink for […]


Melissa’s Mix: A Recovery Drink for Women

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Over the last four decades research has established a gender based difference in the physiological response to exercise with more recent efforts examining post-exercise, gender-specific recovery. Findings indicate that as far as post-workout nutritional strategies are concerned there doesn’t appear to be a difference between male and female needs:1  Like men, women should focus on […]


Banana Chocolate Recovery Smoothie

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Thanks to a Mike’s Mix customer for sharing this tasty chocolate recovery smoothie recipe. A classic recipe that everyone should try; it is fast, easy and one of the least expensive recovery smoothies you can make. Bananas are full of health benefits that their rounded brethren don’t have. Bananas are loaded with potassium which promotes […]


Chocolate Cherry Recovery Smoothie

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Thanks to a Mike’s Mix customer for coming up with this refreshing and delicious post-workout smoothie. Have a craving for chocolate but you’re trying to stay healthy?  This smoothie won’t disappoint!  It will satisfy your craving and the recipe is quick and easy. Cherries are packed with the antioxidant anthocyanin, which both reduces inflammation and […]