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Cinnamon Vegan Protein Cookie

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A Four Ingredient, Cinnamon Vegan Protein Cookie Recipe A simple and delicious recipe, courtesy of Purely Twins. With only four ingredients and 30 minutes time (prep and cook), this vegan protein cookie will be a treat to look forward to throughout the week. So easy, the kids can make it. Did I mention this recipe is also gluten […]


Cranberry Protein Smoothie

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Cranberry Protein Smoothie, with whey and vegan options, has 230% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and 26 grams of protein. This smoothie can function as a low calorie meal replacement and has a unique and appealing tangy flavor.


Vegan Protein Bars

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Easy and delicious way to get protein on the go. Even better, this recipe can fit the most restricted dietary needs. Vegan, gluten and diary free, there are many substitutions that can be made to fit your tastes. My initial attempt at this recipe was with honey and dried cherries and it was great! They cool nicely and travel well. I was able to get the kids to eat this as well by substituting chocolate chips for the fruit.