Cranberry Protein Smoothie

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Cranberry Protein Smoothie, with whey and vegan options, has 230% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and 26 grams of protein. This smoothie can function as a low calorie meal replacement and has a unique and appealing tangy flavor.


Vegan Protein Bars

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Easy and delicious way to get protein on the go. Even better, this recipe can fit the most restricted dietary needs. Vegan, gluten and diary free, there are many substitutions that can be made to fit your tastes. My initial attempt at this recipe was with honey and dried cherries and it was great! They cool nicely and travel well. I was able to get the kids to eat this as well by substituting chocolate chips for the fruit.


How do you separate the proteins from the rest of the carbs in your vegan protein?

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With the introduction of our new Vegan Protein, we have received a number of questions. One of the most frequent is: “How do you separate the proteins from the rest of the carbs in the beans and lentils?”  In short, the answer to this is we don’t separate the protein from the carbohydrate in our vegan […]


Vegan Protein Smoothie

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This last week, the family and I went picking wild black berries. While Sawyer (my 5 year old) commenced with eating all of his immediately, Mike and I were more prudent with ours, freezing half in anticipation of enjoying in future smoothies.  I only made it a couple of days before digging into my frozen […]


Butternut Squash Soup with Flaxseed

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This fall our family was given a butternut squash. Unlike some vegetables, such as the eggplant I was given this summer, I have some experience with this squash and have previously prepared it by roasting it in the oven with a little butter.  Although I enjoy squash prepared this way, I wanted to try something […]