“The Second Coming” 5.13- Jason Huston

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“The Second Coming” (5.13-) Colorado National Monument. climber: Jason Huston-1st ascent.
The Second Coming

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  1. Mike England

    Hi. Just wanted to say Thank you for creating an affordable quality product for all us endurance fanatics out there. Currently I am training for another Marathon and a 60miles in 24 hour charity event in May. Your product will not only help me but others that I am trying to help as well. Thanks for all you’ve done with the creation of this product! Mike

    • Mike

      Hey Mike, thanks for the kind words. Good luck with your 60 mile event! Keep in touch and let me know how your training is going. By the way, you may have noticied that the website is full of climbing pictures and we could really use some diversity. Please send along any pictures you may have from your event, I would love to share them. Anyone interested in sending pics (even climbers) please email them to: mike@mikesmixture.com

  2. Chris

    Heya Mike.

    I actually run a site on recovery drinks (I think you might have seen my old P90x drink review). Just wanted to let you know that there’s half of a dozen of us using Mikes Mix in the climbing gym in Glasgow this month. Big fan of all the climbing pictures you use – I’ll have to try and get something in if I remember to bring my camera.

    Just wanted to say I rope friends into testing drinks with me before I review them online and we’re using Mikes Mix this month and you’re certainly a favorite. Should hopefully see a review in the next few days and we’ve got all good things to say about it.

    Good to have a quality drink like this on the market.


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