Two weeks to go!

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I’ve counted up the time left, 8 hours of training left before the big day!  Gotta love the taper weeks.  On my last long bike ride yesterday, I hit the proverbial mental wall, on the same location as last time, the long, boring Hwy G.  The difference?  I’d learned from past mistakes.  I knew that feeling of doom and despair was from lack of fuel.  I told myself, drink up, and at the top of the next hill, you can stop to eat some crackers.  Presto – a few minutes later, I was traveling faster, with more confidence, and even a smile crossed my lips – albeit a brief one.  It may have been a response to a bug flying in my mouth, but I’m going with the smile.  The highs and lows of this event have been incredible.  I’m excited to have some free time back, even excited to do chores around that house that have been neglected for too long.  But they will all wait, at least two weeks – and a few days after.

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