What does the Original Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Flavor Taste like?

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The Original Mike’s Mix has no flavoring added. It is a testimony to the quality of the functional ingredients that they inherently taste good. A sweet cream is probably the best description of the subtle flavor, which is pleasant but not overpowering. The less water you mix with the original Mike’s Mix, the richer the flavor.

The original flavor is magnificent if used to make fruit smoothies. I add two to three scoops of Mike’s Mix, a cup of frozen fruit (my favorite is blueberries or raspberries) half a cup of ice and about half a cup of water to a blender and mix. I usually add half a lemon or lime to enhance the flavor and add a little extra vitamin C too.

Although the Original flavor tastes excellent if mixed with only water, my personal preference for a water only mix is chocolate Mike’s Mix. The chocolate is really chocolaty and mixed with about a cup of water it makes a rich and delicious beverage that I crave after my workouts. However, preference over chocolate or original is personal taste and judging from sales, customers are about evenly split. I invite existing customers to comment on the Mike’s Mix flavor. New customers will be much better served from you input than mine.

6 Responses to What does the Original Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink Flavor Taste like?

  1. Chris

    I tried the Original Mike’s Mix recovery flavor today for the first time and really enjoyed it. I would describe the flavor as “neutral” and would agree that is has a ‘cream’ flavor. I have never been a big fan of drinking recovery powders with water only so I took a full serving of the Original Mike’s Mix flavor and added a banana and two large scoops of frozen blueberries (with ice and milk) to create a very smooth flavor.

  2. RC

    Getting the original flavor can be the most versatile option for everyone. That way, you can decide what flavor you want depending on your personal cravings, which can change daily.
    On the days that I do want a chocolate flavor, I just buy a separate container of plain cocoa powder (unsweetened) and add about 1/2 a teaspoon to 1 serving (note “serving” and not “scoop”) of Mike’s Mix. Then BAM! – I now have a chocolate flavored Mike’s Mix! 🙂
    The cocoa powder can be adjusted for personal taste, but I typically just eyeball the amount and add it to the drink.

  3. Matt Lane

    Would using kool-aid to the mix change the nutritional value at all? There are a ton of flavors and seems to be a great way to flavor the drink cheaply.


    • Mike

      Hi Matt,
      I’m definitely not an expert on Kool-aid and what adding it would do for the taste. The nutritional value will be changed by the added calories and whatever other ingredients Kool-aid brings, however, it won’t interfere with the effectiveness of the recovery drink. If you try it, I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the taste.
      Take care,

  4. Matt Lane

    I’ve been using a half to two thirds of a packet in every drink. The packets state no caloric value..pretty much zeroes for any value. I love having a ton of flavors to choose from! Some flavors are better than others and mix better but I’ve really not found one I don’t like. Most mask the plain flavor completely others leave a slight taste but usually I’m have little.

  5. Jon Verbeck

    I’ve only used the original flavor and you’re spot on with the sweet cream description. What I do is take 8 oz of “almost” hot water, two scoops of Mike’s Mix Original flavor, one scoop of chocolate whey protein and shake it up. The “almost” hot water fully dissolves both powders, then I mix in 8 oz of ice cold non-fat milk and shake some more. The end result is like a chocolate malt milk shake, that’s really, really good.

    I must say that Mike’s Mix is amazing stuff. I’m on week five of P90X and haven’t been sore one day while taking the above concoction, whereas the first time I tired P90X without a recovery drink caused me to be unbelievably sore and quit after 50 days.

    You can’t beat the price, customer service, taste and results. Thanks Mike


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