Where is the 6 lb bag of protein?

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We no longer offer a six pound bag of whey protein. We changed the company that was agglomerating our protein and the result was a fluffier, lower-density product. The current product mixes even better than before and in general is a more consistent, homogeneous powder.  Unfortunately, we are unable to get as much product into the packaging, which also no longer fits into the flat rate box we were using for shipping. 

Never fear, the 4 lb bag of protein is the same value! The 4 lb bag replaces the 6 lb bag and is offered at the same price per pound. Additionally, shipping the 4 lb bag averages $7.38 (varies slightly by region) where the 6 lb bag was $10.65. Therefore, shipping cost per pound should remain consistent with the change in bag size. 

I’m sorry for any confusion or inconvenience they may have caused.

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