Where’s the connection?

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How do I know Mike?  He has been in my life since December of 2006 and my personal fitness trainer for several years.  During this time I’ve been through some life changes; some changes positive, others, let’s just call challenging.  A few months ago, Mike mentioned that I am “interesting” – hmmm, was that a euphemism?  He thought a blog of my journey towards my first Ironman may be of interest to the common mortal.  I’m not clear why, but he mentioned something about “crazy”.  I’m used to this, as my high school coach called me “touched”, and I don’t think he meant by an angel!

A few years ago, he started bringing in his recovery drink.  He would tinker with the formula and use his willing clients as guinea pigs…  I have to say that I do feel better the next day after using the mix, but still have it in my head that I have to earn it (with a long hard workout) to drink it.  I know we’ve had lots of discussions on the physiology of the body and what micronutrients the body needs.  Mike’s done his homework.  And, I actually think the drink tastes good.

Anyway, it’s been hard lately getting the motivation to train when it’s a blizzard outside and two and a half hours of shoveling just to get to work.  I’m spending more time cross training than I should (I like to climb and play racquetball) and less time on the cardio.  Drop me a note; remind me that 7 months isn’t that far away!

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  2. Loulou

    Hang in there! Every little bit of cardio you do now will only aid you in the long run. Those 7 months will be here before you know it and you will be looking at taking big, giant and possibly painful steps. In order words, the more you do now, the better and easier it will be for you in the long run (literally and figuratively). Stay strong!


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