Who likes running? I’m trying to

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I’ve heard of people who love running.  I’ve heard there is supposed to be a runner’s high.  I may have experienced that once or twice in my life when I was in running shape.   There’s a lot of mental work in running, I think.

In the past, running was what I had to do for fitness for my other sports.  Coaches would require the short distance runs or the sprints on the basketball court.  In college we had to run ladders on the football field, or run the stadium stairs, sometimes as punishment other times as fitness.  Running never had a good connotation or emotion attached with it.

On my own, when trying to get in shape, I would set a goal of either time or miles and run until I hopefully met it.  My pace would be the same, or slower.  Recently, Mike has included speed work into my training runs.  What?  Do you know how hard that is when you are fighting yourself mentally and then physically to get this done?  I have never done speed work.  I can guarantee you; I wouldn’t be doing any of that if it wasn’t for him.  But, I can tell that it is helping my runs.  My speed is increasing while my exertion levels are lowering.  A good combination.

When I’m tired and have only a mile to go, I think about how I’ve done 100 clean and press with a barrel, so this should be easy.  It’s mind games.  I also think about Loulou’s comment (thank you Loulou), the more I do now, the better I will be in 7 months.

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  1. JP

    I have to listen to something while I run. Hearing myself breath makes it that much harder… it’s definitely a mental thing. But yeah, I can see how people love to run. Am I one of them? No.

  2. Dawn

    I find that music with a rythm that my feet can keep pace with really helps me. On day’s I feel strong, I pick a faster tempo and do little sprints.


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